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Why did my credit / debit card payment fail?

If you're trying to buy an account with a debit or credit card, you might receive an error message like the one below.

Don't be alarmed! It's not an issue with your card or bank. If your card is declined by our systems it's entirely intentional. While we can accept debit / credit card payments for most orders, there are a few reasons why we choose not to have them processed automatically.

1. We pay double fees for all onsite card payments: This means we're paying fees to our host as well as our processor in order to process your payment. In many cases, that's a 5% loss on our part. For any other eCommerce store, a 5% loss on a $20 product isn't much, but when you're selling one of a kind products for $500+ each, it can really add up fast. If we do allow someone to make a card payment, it would need to be done off site through an invoice, where we would only pay fees once to the processor.

2. BUYERS MAKE MISTAKES! This is the most common reason we've disabled automatic card payments for most orders. Buyers make false assumptions about what they're buying then get mad when they can't do what they thought. Primary example is:

Someone buys an account. Attempts to transfer all the characters off to their other personal account. Realizes they can't do this and asks for a refund.

If we allowed them to pay with a card, we would have lost 5% to processing fees in the process. It's not fair to us to lose 5% for their mistake, and it's not fair to the buyer to lose 5% either, but that's what would happen if we had to refund them. By disabling automatic payments, we require them to engage with us first before placing an order. This way, we can answer their questions beforehand, and ultimately save them (and us) time, money, and unnecessary headache.

3. Buyer has immediate remorse: While this isn't extremely common, it has happened. Someone buys an account and immediately regrets their decision. Nothing is wrong with the account, they just regret the purchase. Rather than leave the door open for them to issue themselves a refund through their card or bank, causing us unnecessary fees and work to recoup the account, we deal with these situations manually through our Buyback Policy. Buyer's remorse is not grounds for receiving a refund, and we do not offer free trials on accounts. Our account descriptions are extremely vivid and detailed to ensure you know, and want, what you're buying before you buy it. 

How can I protect myself without using a card / bank account to pay?

We get asked this questions a lot, but the answer never changes. You don't need to. AccountShark is a genuine marketplace and we value our positive reputation accordingly. If anyone has an issue with an account they purchased, we work hard to resolve it to their satisfaction. You might feel safer having the option to issue a chargeback, but it eliminates the possibility for us to solve your issue if we leave that door open. Most people would rather have their account back then the money spent, and many issues can be resolved with a simple message to the seller. If your account gets reclaimed we're usually able to get it returned quickly by communicating with them on your behalf. We've sold thousands of accounts, and the reason you won't find a single dispute raised against us online for a recalled account is because there aren't any. We either resolve the issues through the seller, or by issuing you a store credit refund or replacement account. We know it might be a big leap of faith to ask you to use a manual payment option like Zelle or CashApp, but unless you think our entire website is fake, or that we'd jeopardize our reputation to hurt you for any amount of money, there's really no reason to doubt that we would give you anything other than our best. All accounts are under our direct control and you will ALWAYS get what you pay for at AccountShark. Guaranteed.

Please, before placing an order, review this FAQ, ask Live Chat, or do your own research off site beforehand.