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Why are your prices so high?

We receive this question from customers a lot, sometimes out of curiosity, but most often out of criticism. Why are our prices so high? Well, the simplest answer is that we pay the most money for all of the accounts listed on our platform. The reason we're able to have the best accounts on the market because we make the best offers, and our sellers take their transactions seriously because they're being paid fairly. That means added security for the buyer when everyone involved is happy. When we're paying thousands of dollars per account, the prices on our site are going to reflect that. To many people the prices might seem outrageous, but when looking at the broader market, AccountShark truly is the only place in the world to find accounts of premium quality like the ones we sell. Sellers come to us because they know we'll see the value in what they're selling and will pay them fairly; they wouldn't come to us looking to sell a $5,000+ account otherwise. That's our reputation and we're proud of it. We would be doing a disservice to our sellers by making them a low offer just to sell the accounts cheaper here, at an added risk to the buyer, and to ourselves for not recognizing our worth as a premium marketplace unlike any other. In 2023 there are very few places left where you can sell WoW accounts instantly for a same-day cash payout. Any places that do still offer such services besides AccountShark will make an insultingly low offer for lack of customers, confidence, or general understanding of the market. Where one site might offer $100-$200, AccountShark might offer $1,000 or more. If the other site gets the sale, they will list the account for less on their website than we will. The buyer gets a lower price if they purchase from that site, but will most likely lose the account to a recall in just a few days or weeks because the seller knows they were ripped off. When you buy an account from AccountShark, you're paying more for the added security of a lifetime guarantee and the highest level of quality and care we put into every single transaction. While our prices are higher than elsewhere, if those qualities in a business are valuable to you, then AccountShark is the obvious best choice out there for buying WoW accounts.