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How do I buy a single WoW character?

For buyers, purchasing a single character may be ideal if they have a lower budget, value safety, don't care much for multiple characters, mounts, or excessive vanity, or just need one character to meet the PvP or PvE requirements for their team.

To buy a single character, the steps are as follows:

1. The buyer must create a new account with the SAME NAME as the seller's account.

Note: Technically the only name that needs to match on the new account is the surname (last name) but for security purposes we recommend using the full, real name. This way the seller can assist you if you have any issues with the new account that might require them to submit their ID to resolve.

2. The buyer then adds game time & the current expansion on the new account.

3. The seller then purchases a Character Transfer on their account.

4. Buyer selects the destination server and provides the new account email to the seller.

Note: Be sure to choose a server you plan to play on for awhile, because your character will be stuck there for 30 days on cooldown after the transfer is done.

5. Seller inputs the new server & email and transfers the character.

6. Character should arrive on the new account within 5-20 minutes.

And that's it! You've successfully purchased a character and it's available on your new account to play.

For more information about buying a single character, please refer to our other article on the subject: