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Buying MMO Accounts - Warranty Policy


At AccountShark.net, we understand that buying an MMO account can be a stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to be! We take great pride in ensuring the safety and security of every product offered for sale on our website, and exhaust every effort to provide you with a worry-free experience. We take all necessary measures and precautions to mitigate potential risks for all of our clients by ensuring that all accounts available here have been sold through or to our site by the original account owner themselves. Sellers who bring their business to us do so because they are serious about completing a seamless and reliable transaction. In relation to accounts sold, our account recall rate is less than 1%, which is far below the norm in this industry. We are so confident in the reliability of the products offered here, and the sellers thereof, that we offer this warranty at no additional cost to you. Rest assured, we are here to help, and we want you to be satisfied with your new game account for life.


Measures We Take:


  • We only buy and sell products that come from the original owner. Sellers are required to specify whether or not they or not they are the original creator and owner of an account when filling out our forms.
  • AccountShark maintains strict verification procedures for all sellers. The seller is required to provide unequivocal proof via ID that their name is the name registered to an account. This is done in order to confirm that they are truly the original creator of an account, and to ensure that any account sold through our website has not been hacked or stolen and is coming from the original account creator themselves.
  • All sellers are required to be at least 18 years of age or older. 
  • Selling an account through or to our website is a binding agreement. Only the original owner has the authority to recover their account, and for them to do so after being paid for it is a violation of the contract they signed when selling their account, and ultimately an act of fraud. Sellers are made thoroughly aware of this, and the negative implications they may face as a result of recovering their account, before being permitted to conduct business here.


The Warranty:


Every product purchased through AccountShark.net includes a complimentary warranty. This warranty covers you in the event of an account recall by the original account owner and creator, who originally sold their account through our website.  Although uncommon, if an account recall occurs, you will be offered store credit as compensation that can be redeemed anywhere on our website. Due to the nature of the products offered on our website, our warranty only covers account recalls by the original owner. All account penalties such as locks, bans, and suspensions, including those related to account sharing, third-party programs, exploitation of the economy or any other form of negligence is not covered. You are accountable for playing and using your new account responsibly.


Warranty FAQ:


  • What does an "original owner" refer to?

The original owner is the person who created, and whose name is registered to, an account. The original owner is the only person we will allow to sell their account to or through this site. The registered name on an account cannot be altered, so this person is the only person in existence with the authority to sell, or consequently recover, their account. A "seller" and "original owner" are used interchangeably throughout this site as they refer to the same thing.

  • What does an "account recall" refer to?

An account recall occurs when the original owner (the person who sold their account through this website) recovers their account in the future using their ID. By doing so, they are violating the agreements they made when undertaking to sell their account on this site, and are ultimately attempting to keep the payment they received for selling their account as well as the account itself. 

  • Why would someone recall their account?

They do this for a number of reasons: addiction to the game, regret, not taking seriously the transaction or the consequences of their actions, etc. There is no justifiable reason for someone to do so, and it is ultimately an act of fraud to recover an account after being paid for it. At AccountShark, we take the matter of someone recovering their account after being paid for it very seriously.

  • How do you make sure you are buying an account from the original owner?

Sellers are required to pass a series of strict verification steps in order to prove that they are truly the original owner of the account they are selling, and maintain all privileges and authorizations for doing so. This includes ID verification among other applicable methods of confirming their identity. We do this in order to prevent potentially stolen or hacked accounts from being sold on this site. This way, if an issue does occur, we will know who caused it, and be able to easily contact them as needed in order to address, and hopefully resolve, any issues.

  • How common is an account recall?

Our rate of account recalls is less than 1% in relation to accounts sold successfully. The vast majority of people who buy accounts from us will enjoy them indefinitely. People who bring their accounts here to sell are generally serious about letting their account go, and understand that selling their account is a permanent, binding agreement. There are consequences for those who sell their account, get paid, and recover it later, and we make sure all sellers are aware of that before allowing them to do business here.

  • What happens if an account is recalled?

If an account recall occurs, you won't be able to log into the account. This can be alarming, but at that point, you should report the issue to us immediately so we can investigate what happened. If it is determined that a recall is what has occurred, we will mediate on your behalf with the original owner, to the extent possible, to gather information and hopefully have them return the account to you. If they do not reply, or refuse to comply with our requests to return the account to you, we will compensate you according to the policy outlined on this page. 


The disbursement of store credit is as follows:

  • If an account recall is reported and verified within two months from the purchase date you will receive 100% of the total payment received in the form of store credit.
  • If an account recall is reported and verified within two and six months from the purchase date you will receive 50% of the total payment received in the form of store credit.
  • If an account recall is reported and verified between six to twelve months from the purchase date you will receive 25% of the total payment received in the form of store credit.

Please note, the "total payment received" is defined as the amount we received following processing fees. If any fees were incurred as a result of your chosen payment method, those will not be calculated into the total discount offered. 

Terms and Conditions:


  • Every product purchased through AccountShark.net comes with the warranty described on this page. The warranty is considered active once the account details are provided to you.
  • The account’s registered email must be kept the same as it is when it is provided to you in order to qualify for the warranty. You may change the account password and add an authenticator (if applicable) if you wish to do so.
  • The warranty only covers account recalls by the original owner. Account disciplines such as bans, suspensions, locks, silences, or any other forms of infractions resulting from buyer negligence is not covered and is grounds for immediate termination of the warranty. If you are worried of such actions, we offer free guides upon request with general guidelines on how to safely enjoy your new MMO account.
  • Returning an account takes priority over a refund in all situations. Mistakes can happen and we give every seller an opportunity to resolve all disputes in a timely manner. If an account is returned and recalled a second time, we will invoke the warranty.
  • Any and all attempts, or perceived intentions, to try and modify the registered name on an account will immediately void the warranty. No exceptions!
  • Our warranty is offered only to the buyer and does not transfer to other parties. If ownership of the product is transferred, or if we determine you have intent to transfer ownership in any shape or form outside of our website, the warranty will be immediately voided with or without notice to you.
  • Some games allow individual assets such as characters to be deleted or transferred to new accounts. If you disturb the integrity of the product by doing so, the warranty will be voided. We will only warranty the product in the condition it was sold.
  • We are easily able to tell the difference between a genuine and false recall claim. If you attempt to fabricate a recall through any means, the warranty will be voided.
  • If you believe your account has been recalled, you must submit a ticket on our website. Our team will investigate and respond to your claim within 24 hours.
  • If your claim is approved and we find that a recall has occurred, you will be issued a personal discount code that can be used as credit towards any product offered on our website at any time. If we do not find that a recall has occurred, the claim will be dismissed.
  • Our warranty only covers the total payment received in exchange for an account. It does not any cover in-game purchases you might have made, added value due to progression, or digital currency you may have accrued.
  • If an account is recalled and you use your store credit to purchase another account, the warranty timeframe is not reset. You are still locked into the timeframe established by the original purchase date.
  • If a discount code is used at the time of purchase for an account of lesser value, the leftover value of the discount will be forfeit. You may not partially use discount codes and apply them to multiple products. The warranty will be applied only to the value of the new account. The warranty timer will not be reset and will stay locked to the original account purchase date.
  • Following your purchase, if we determine through any observation or means that you are behaving in a way that we consider unnaturally risky, or detrimental to the integrity of the product, we will terminate your order and issue a refund to you. We reserve the right to exercise this authority at our own discretion with or without explanation.
  • If your payment is disputed at any time, through chargeback or other means, the warranty will be immediately discarded and we will pursue legal action as deemed necessary. If your dispute is unsuccessful, you do not get to keep what you purchased. We do not offer free passes on scam attempts and take every measure to punish scammers to the fullest extent of applicable law.