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All orders are subject to verification. If verification passes, orders submitted during our regular hours of operation are fulfilled the same business day. Orders placed outside of this timeframe are fulfilled first thing the following morning. Account information is generally delivered within minutes after placing an order, but we cannot guarantee that this will always be the case as delays do occur. We try our hardest to fulfill all orders as quickly as possible, but if for some reason there is a delay we will communicate it with you thoroughly.

When you make a purchase on AccountShark.net, you are expressly paying for the results of another player's time and effort that they have invested into their own personal game account. What gives a game account any value in the eyes of other players is simply the culmination of another player's time and hard work that they may not reasonably be able to dedicate to an account themselves.

No, it is not against the law or ordinance of any governing body to buy and sell game accounts. In fact, many countries have already passed legislation that recognizes the sale or purchase of personal game accounts as perfectly legitimate. After all, what gives an account any value at all is the time someone has put into it. While buying or selling an account may go against the EULA of the game provider, the repercussions for such actions are limited to the virtual world itself in the form of account bans or suspensions. We have in the business of buying and selling game accounts for many years, and we have refined our practice to ensure that any account purchased through our website will not get banned for simply being bought. You are encouraged to use common sense and play responsibily, but you won't have to worry about any repercussions related to your purchase of a new account when buying from us.

No, it is impossible to merge any accounts purchased from us with your own personal account. A game account can only be used independently of another account. If you have unrealistic expectations about usability and capabilities beyond what is intended or possible, please do not place an order with us.

Card payments are only accepted for orders with values under $1,500. We also do not accept card payments from select countries. We know this may be an inconvenience, but we have to enact strict payment policies in order to mitigate risk, and remain in good-standing with our payment providers. Occassionally, this is done in the form of limiting payment options for specific products. If you would like to purchase an account with a value over $1,500, or if you reside a country where card payments are not accepted by our gateway, you will need to complete the purchase using a funding source other than a card. We have multiple alternate payment options available for you to choose from. We work hard to provide outstanding account security, and a warranty at no additional cost to you, and in return we only ask that you adhere to these payment policies respectively.