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Sell your Final Fantasy XIV accounts at AccountShark.net! To get a quote to sell your account, please fill out the form below. There is no obligation to sell your account to us after filling out the quote application. Instructions on how to accept our offer and get paid for your account will be provided to you with your quote. AccountShark makes selling FFXIV accounts safe, simple, and secure.

How To Sell Your Final Fantasy XIV Account

●  Fill out the application below in its entirety. Being as descriptive as possible helps us more accurately appraise your FFXIV account. We can't take something into consideration if we don't know it's there!

●  We want to get you the best quote possible for your account, so it can sometimes take several hours for your submission to be thoroughly reviewed. Your patience is appreciated. We try our best to respond to all quote requests, but due to a large number of forms being submitted daily, if we unable to purchase your account or help you sell it you may not receive a reply. Please do not make multiple submissions for the same account.

●  Once your submission is received and reviewed, if we are interested in purchasing your FFXIV account your quote will be sent to you by email with additional instructions on how to finalize the process.

●  If you agree to our offer, we will secure your FFXIV account, verify the that all information is accurate, and provide payment to you the same day. Unlike other account venues, AccountShark does not make you wait for a buyer to be found before getting paid!

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