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I submitted a request for a specific account, when will I hear back from you?

If you've submitted a request for an account, we will contact you once an account meeting your criteria becomes available. Keep in mind, many requests are similar. A lot of people want the same things when it comes to account purchases, so if we receive multiple requests for the same account, your request might get bumped to the bottom of the queue and overlooked. To avoid this and get quicker access to our inventory, we've got some hacks for you below.

Some tips:

1. Bookmark us! Bookmark AccountShark.net to maintain easy access to our inventory at all times. This way you don't miss out if something you want gets posted for sale.

2. Sign up for emails! Signing up for emails gets you notified first when a new account gets posted for sale. Being the first to know can give you an advantage over other people who might want to buy the same things.

3. Send us a reminder! We're human too and sometimes lose track of things amidst the chaos of daily life. Sending us a little reminder about your request is perfectly fine and helps us back on track.

 While we'll do our best to find what you want, we do not guarantee that we'll ever be able to satisfy your request, so you may never receive a response from us. Feel free to check in and contact us if you've been waiting an extended period of time with no reply, but in most cases, if you haven't heard back, then we haven't had any luck finding what you're looking for.