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I filled out the form but have not received a quote for my account...

If you completed a quote request form to sell your account but have not received a quote, the most common reason is because we simply weren't interested in your account at the time. However, there are several other possible reasons why you may not have gotten a reply discussed below.

Your form was incomplete

If you left out some key details in your description, your form was most likely skipped. Key details include:

- Personal contact info (Email / Discord)

Example: Putting "fake@fake.com" as an email address means you don't want to be contacted, and we'll ignore your request.

Example: Discord ID provided without the numeric digits. Your Discord ID should look like this: "Name#1234" with the 4 unique numbers at the end. We cannot add you on Discord if you only provide "Name" without the numbers.

We ask for two types of contact information in case there's a mistake with one of them that prevents us from contacting you there (i.e. typos), so please provide both.

- Anticipated price

Example: Putting $0 or any other obviously fake number ($0, $1,000,000, etc) as the anticipated price will automatically get your quote request ignored. AccountShark does not make blind offers and you must establish a baseline for your expectations before we begin negotiations.

- Character / account profile links

Example: No links provided at all, or replaced with gibberish text like "asdfghjkl" instead. 

Example: For WoW accounts, character name + server provided instead of a link to the character profile. We will not manually look up your character. You must provide a link to either the WoW character armory or make a profile using Safe-Armory or an equivalent.

Example: For WoW classic accounts, no gear planner provided. Since there is no armory profile for WoW classic, you must fill out a gear planner in order to receive a quote from us.

You're selling an account registered to an unsupported region

AccountShark does not sell or buy any accounts registered to Europe at this time. Please do not complete a form for a quote if you are selling an EU account.

Brazil or other South American countries are considered unsupported regions due to the payment restrictions imposed on those types of accounts, however since they technically fall under the "North American" account classification we will still review those forms, but the regional limitations will be reflected in your quote if you receive one.


We might have missed your submission

AccountShark isn't a large company, and sometimes forms do get overlooked or lost in the shuffle of a busy day. Life happens to us all. It doesn't hurt to check in and ask what the status of your submission is. We may not be interested in it, or we may have missed it completely and want to buy it, but either way, point it out to us and we'll correct the mistake with an apology. We strive to review all forms but some of them do slip through the cracks, so your patience and understanding is appreciated.

Your account is just not that good

The main reason you won't get a reply is because your account just doesn't interest us enough to buy, or you think it's worth way more than it actually is for sentimental reasons. We invest in every single account submitted to us, and if we don't think we can sell it for profit, we don't buy it. AccountShark is at its core a premium account marketplace and typically only stocks the best of the best accounts. We deal in the most expensive and rare accounts in the world, so while we may occasionally pick up some low tier accounts, those occasions are few and far between compared to our typical inventory. Please keep this in mind when submitting a form for a quote.