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 If I met Charax/Shark in real life I would buy him a beer or six. Dealing with him has been easier than dealing with my drive through McDonalds. If you are looking for WoW accounts, it's worth going with this man for piece of mind and absolutely amazing communication.


  never really had a chance to buy accounts or services, but Shark helped me every step of the way and even watched my back for scammers when I was still being new to this kind of service! I 100% recommend this, he was friendly even outside of business transactions!

Originally posted by Forstaag


Wow, what can I say? This guy is the real deal. Extremely professional, very through and ensures everything is 100% safe and secure for both parties involved. If you've ever worried your self with buying a WoW account worry no more. I bought an account from him and he went beyond the mark to ensure I got excellent service. Working outside of his business hours and even staying up until the late hours of the morning to finish my transaction. 

He's an excellent guy, HIGH HIGH recommended. A+ 5 Stars and I'd even buy him a beer. 

It's no wonder you're the number one seller. Again, great service. Extremely happy.

- Originally posted by CynDev


 Now, this is was my first time ever dealing with selling a character through wow as i have always been extremely skeptical of fraud. To spare anyone that reads this all the details I am 110% satisfied with him and the way he handled our business. He made the whole transaction about as sketch-free as possible for two random people making a deal over the internet could be. I just want to say that I appreciate the way he handled our business and when I finally decide to quit the game for good I will defiantly be getting ahold of him again to sell my entire account next time. He enjoys what he's doing and is very passionate about his reputation on here. He asked me long before the deal went through to write a review for others, but that was weeks ago and he hasn't pestered me about it since, to which i have respect for that so i am going out of my way to write this review so that anyone that is skeptical about doing business on here in general will understand that if your interested in buying and selling a WoW character (can't recall if he does more than this) he should be your go to guy.

I apologize once more for the lengthy review but find it important when making decisions regarding such transactions.

Thank you Charax
- Originally posted by TwoPoach


 Where do I begin? I sold my World of Warcraft account to him with ease. He was able to walk me through the sale, step by step with professionalism and compassion. I have attempted to contact other seller's in the past, but they do NOT even come close to this guy. The level of professionalism is through the roof, Charax/Cobra went above and beyond the call of duty to assist me with my sale. I would ONLY recommend Charax/Cobra, if you're in the market for purchasing or selling any products, talk to him. A++ 10/10 seller/buyer and all around good guy!

- Originally posted by MasterShaman93


 Charax is very professional and will take the time to explain everything to make you comfortable, even when you spend hours asking questions there are no negative responses. This was my first time ever to buy an account and so far I am extremely pleased with what I purchased and it was exactly as described! If you are on the fence about buying an account or selling an account speak with Charax. You will not regret it nor waste your time. I will be a repeat customer and will not use anyone else other than Charax!

- Originally posted by GJSnake27


 Charax claims *Best in the business* and he isn't kidding. This guy knows how it is done and the transaction is finished in the most efficient manner. Charax worked with getting an account to me late at night and didn't grumble about it at all. You will think the same of this outstanding seller just like I did after you purchase through Charax. 100% satisfaction

- Originally posted by Bruchko


 Cosigned and advertised my account, and managed to sell it within a day for the price I wanted. Was very polite, easy-going, and smooth throughout the entire process and made things very simple and secure for both me and the buyer. Would highly recommend Charax to anyone who is looking for a middleman, or looking to sell their accounts as he does a great job at what he does. A+++

- Originally posted by Brotatoez


An absolutely fantastic person that helped me through some processes, and went into as much detail as I needed. Extremely helpful and very informative. even if it's not related to anything he is selling, he still helped me. 

A+ support, can not recommend enough.

- Originally posted by Cryptnic


 I've purchased from a number of big sellers with flashy websites on the web. And I knew on my next character I wanted something that these sites could not offer at the time. Cobra was the guy I knew I needed to contact. Within a few minutes I was able to find exactly what I wanted for a reasonable price. He made the process incredibly easy and was a super helpful and patient dude. I'm def gonna get with Cobra on my next character purchase! Thanks Cobra!!

- Originally posted by Dnlgalan


 Just bought a character off Charax, was an amazing experience. He was extremely flexible with me on time, honest and straight to the point. The deal happened very quickly and there was not a single moment where I felt uncomfortable. If you are ever uneasy about buying accounts because of bad past experiences then you should look no more and contact him immediately. I never thought buying a character could go this smooth. Thank you for your flexibility and promptness, even got this all done before our raid which is incredible. Thanks again!

- Originally posted by Destrukto


 Just sold my long time account to Charax, and I came away from the experience extremely impressed. He was professional, knowledgeable, and helpful, detailing the whole process while being very open about both things he liked and disliked. Charax gave me what I felt was a very respectable and fair offer.

When I was first contemplating selling my account, I had contacted a seller "Khaccounts," who was extremely rude and unprofessional, souring the idea of selling my account for over a year. After half a year of playing Legion many of my friends had quit the game, and I decided to look into the market once again, this time finding Charax. I initially contacted and he gave me an offer and was completely understanding in that I wanted some time to consider selling, and after some time I approached him again ready to sell. 

Charax is the real deal, and anyone considering buying/selling a wow account, I highly recommend speaking with Charax,

- Originally posted by Iwhite115


 Words cannot express the gratitude I have for Charax. I bought an account from Charax in the past so we stay in touch and talk regularly about accounts he currently has in stock and random things that come to mind. 13 days ago on the 5th of February I was scammed out of an account that I bought from a random person on EpicNPC. Charax, out of the kindness of his heart, helped me through the entire 13 day process and I am happy to say that as of today I was refunded my full $600.00. This 100% would not have been made possible without the help of Charax and the knowledge he has in this business.

Thank you Charax!

- Originally posted by Talint21


 Purchased this account from Charax. Despite several payment hang-ups on my end, he was patient with me and allowed me to explore other options until I was finally able to find something that worked. The account has everything as promised, and delivery of the account information was immediate. All-in-all a great experience, and he was accessible every step of the way. Would highly recommend working with him for account purchases.

- Originally posted by Kibren


 Purchased. The seller was not only incredibly helpful in navigating me through the purchasing process but also very straightforward about the costs involved as well as the amount of time I should be expected to wait before everything finalizes. Needless to say it was done faster and even better than expected and the account is a beauty. Thanks again.

- Originally posted by Leopardly


 Just joined this forum because I got to know Charax from Epicnpc. This guy deserves my utmost respect. To make the story short, he mediate between me and a seller from epicnpc for a wow us account which I purchased from the seller. There was a serious problem and I contacted Charax for his expert opinion in this matter. To be honest it is none of his problem and he is still WILLING to help! What a great guy. Through his action and well reputation, I got a partial refund! I have to stress again its not Charax account to begin with but he took the time to be a mediator.! I vouch for him. He is as legit and nice as described! If you have the chance to get acquainted with him in any way it is very worth it! Two thumbs up for my bro!! Medavo (Epicnpc)

- Originally posted by Medavo


 Charax is without a doubt the most experienced and trustworthy high end account seller in wow!! My transaction was handled efficiently, SAFELY, and most importantly it was a fair price. I am so happy with my new account. (Everything has come as discribed AND it had a little gold on it as well  - unlike any other seller he spends time with his clients making sure they are happy with their purchase before worrying about his own benefit). Thank you so much charax!!!

- Originally posted by Josh Abbott


 Never have I ever sold an account, or bought an account. I did not know what went into it, how much time it could take, or anything of the sort. Selling a "big ticket" item like my main, I thought would take some time, but this man got it sold within a week of listing it. Everything went smoothly, and I couldn't be happier. Straight professionalism from him, would highly recommend.

- Originally posted by Notoracni


 I would have never thought selling my own account would be so fast and easy! Charax and I only spoke for a couple days before he found me a buyer! He was very clear and offered me different options about how to go with the process. As soon as a buyer was found the money was sent to me immediately! Couldn't recommend anyone anymore than this guy, absolute top bloke! Will definitely use this guy again.

- Originally posted by michaelgray61


 This was my first time doing anything like this and I read all the glowing reviews of Charax and decided to try it out. He was amazing, patient, explained everything to me, helped me out every step of the way and never got frustrated whenever I was a little slow on the uptake or didn't know what to do. I recommend him 100% especially if you are hesitant to get into this because of any fears you might have. He was very professional and I look forward to working with him in the future.

- Originally posted by kkloss


 I was skeptical when it comes to buying an account worth 2500 usd but im very happy to let you all know you have no need to worry about security of your money with someone like Charax in the business lets just say if your not buying through Charax your not buying an account the right way top guy always there to help and helped me step by step for the purchasing and account that is of true God tier quality Cobra you sir are a legend

- Originally posted by Roryzzz


 Sold 2 accounts and purchased 2 accounts from cobra/shark and both went smoothly and he helped me out a lot. Highly recommended and I always check every day on ownedcore just for his accounts!

- Originally posted by Xsel


Bought a toon off Shark and it was a very easy transaction! Haven't done any account buying/selling in over 6-7 years but he made the process feel very smooth and trustworthy. Would definitely recommend!


Bought an account from Shark. Its expensive but its a great account and its worth it. He guides you through the process which makes it easy. Thanks!

- Originally posted by kaya5411


 Just sold my decade-old WoW account. Tons of rarities, so I was very nervous about selling at first, but this guy was a great buyer. Highly recommend, great communication. Gave me a fair, solid price.

- Originally posted by Tornadoshanks


 Very nice and extremely fast seller, the trade literally took about 10 minutes. I could even trust him enough to give the account info first before he gave the money and of course still paid me quickly after. Definitely will be selling to him again  Thanks so much!

- Originally posted by hig227


 100% Professional and legit seller. Everything was fast and efficient and I was helped throughout the process. Got exactly what I wanted and everything was squared away immediately. Friendly service on top of it all! Will absolutely use the service again given the opportunity and can vouch for anyone interested in buying/selling accounts! 

- Originally posted by Dooridius


 Bought a high end DH from this guy. Very easy to deal with. I ended up not enjoying the character, so he assisted me with a resale. Customer service at it's finest, he is now my preferred seller.

- Originally posted by Murgy


 Bought an extremely high end account from CharaX worth over 7k, the transaction was fast and easy and there was guidance every step of the way. this is my second account i bought from him with zero problems. Great seller and awesome person!

- Originally posted by itzsteven


 Great Person, Great customer service, so helpful Great buyer,Transaction went smooth. Could not have asked for a better service,a 100 percent recommended for anyone who wants to sell or buy accounts

10/10 Flawless service

- Originally posted by axl84


 I purchased an account from Shark in early 2017. Over a year later, something happened to the account. When I contacted Shark to tell him, he provided me a replacement account to my satisfaction, NO QUESTIONS ASKED! After a year most merchants would be unreachable let alone offer up compensation of any kind. This man is the real deal. Stands by his word for life.

- Originally posted by aido1983


 talking now. Literally. the . best .transaction I've ever had on the internet period. Will be dealing with Shark and no one else from now on. I can't recommend highly enough. If I was in prison i'd trust this guy to have my back at shower time

- Originally posted by whiskeyjackzz


 Just bought an account from this guy. He is super legit! VERY Helpful and quick to answer questions. He guided me through the entire process. It was quick and easy. He really is the best!!!!

- Orignally posted by SilverGladeDragon


 I recently bought a high value account from Shark. 
I paid first and the whole transaction went smoothly and successfully.

A week later;
We unfortunately ran into a highly unlikely situation regarding the account (not a recall) but I won't go into specifics.

After the unfortunate outcome was final, Shark refunded me 100% of the purchase price no questions asked.
Now I can honestly say that I was in shock as most sellers in this game wouldn't have refunded 50% let alone the whole amount.

I can guarantee Shark is a man of his word and the service he provides. 

Thanks again.

- Originally posted by txdm


 Recently bought an account from Shark, everything went smooth, fast response, quick xfer and very helpful with my questions regarding the process. 

Thanks again for the great service!

- Originally posted by eudoxo


 Bought a high end account with ashbringer. This is my second purchase from him and my first account was still good it’s been several months. The second transaction was just as smooth as the first and as described. You can feel confident that you are getting exactly what he listed and that it will stay like that even after you have purchased from him. He made my dream come true! Both getting a MOP CM account and the mighty ASHBRINGER!!!!!


This dude is: Quick to respond, fair when it comes to pricing, flexible when it comes to paying, and overall trustworthy kind of guy who values all his costumers - Would buy from him again

- Originally posted by Tomachi123 


 Super smooth and amazing customer service, Would recommend to anyone looking for the best there is. 
Thank you A+++++++

- Originally posted by tjWarlock


 Bought an account from this professional and would highly recommend to anyone else! It took me a bit of time because of a move yet he was patient and kept the account for me. Walked me through the process and last night I logged in and enjoyed my new toon! Amazing experience, would use again and recommend to all!

- Originally posted by aztlar



 Great seller! Communication was fast, clear and easy. The transaction was painless and everything was just plain perfect! 
Awesome and chill guy too! <3
Thank you again for everything!

- Originally posted by Owlkitten