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Sell Your World of Warcraft Account

Want to sell your WoW account for cash? Simply fill out the form below or add us on Discord to get an offer for your World of Warcraft account today!

How To Sell A WoW Account

Fill out the form below with as much detail about your account as possible. There is no obligation to sell your account just for filling out the form!

We want to get you the best quote possible for your account, and if you have a lot of details to look through it can sometimes take several hours for your submission to be fully reviewed. Please do not make multiple submissions for the same account.

Once we’ve reviewed your submission, you will receive a cash offer for your WoW account by email and instructions on how to finalize the sale.

You can also skip the form and contact us directly to sell a WoW account on Discord if you prefer. You may still be asked to complete the form, but reach out first and we'll decide if it's necessary.

Contact us on Discord: accountshark

Contact Information

Main WoW Character

We are not currently buying EU accounts.

Alternate Characters

Account Selling Tips:

- You can use a masked armory link such as Safe-Armory to hide your character's name and server if you do not wish to provide it.
- If a field on the form is not applicable to your account, it can be left blank.
- The more we know about what your account has, the more accurate your quote will be. We want to know what makes your account special! 
- If you have filled out the form but have not gotten a quote, please contact us to check the status of your request. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

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