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Consignment vs Direct Buyout Offer Comparison

At AccountShark, we may make two distinctions when making an offer for your account: Consignments and direct buyouts. 

Consignment Offers: A consignment sale is when a seller lists an item for another person, then pays them a percentage when the item is sold. In the case of game accounts, a consignment sale would mean that AccountShark would list your account on your behalf and pay you once it sells through our platform. 

Direct Buyout Offer: A direct buyout offer is the opposite of a consignment. A direct buyout is where we pay you outright for your account, then list it for sale on our platform separately. You get paid immediately without having to wait on a buyer to be found first.

There are pros and cons to each option outlined below:

 Consignment Offer Direct Buyout Offer
Pros: Pros:
Larger offer Immediate payout
Allows you to continue playing Move on from the game quicker
Great for character sales Hassle-free, no waiting, no work
Cons: Cons:
Slow sales process Lower offer
No guarantee of a buyer
Depreciation risk
More work (Seller provides descriptions)


Overall, we prefer (as do most sellers) the direct buyout approach. Consignments can become tedious for us to keep up with, since we still do all the legwork as far as communication with potential buyers, negotiating the price, and maintaining an accurate website description of the account. With a consignment, the descriptions are based entirely on information provided by the seller, and since we won't have access to your account, these descriptions can often overlook key details that might help your account sell sooner. Direct buyouts close out a transaction more quickly, eliminate most legwork on both ends, get you paid fairly faster and allow us to begin advertising immediately.

How do I know which offer I will get?

A direct buyout offer will be our primary approach in most cases, but we may make both types of offers for your account if we cannot agree on a price. If you want more money and don't mind waiting, a consignment offer might be best for you. If you don't care about taking a small cut and would rather get paid right away, the direct buyout offer might be the way to go. Whatever option you choose, we're here to make the account sales process as smooth and seamless as possible.

Note: If you are selling one character, or multiple characters, but want to keep the remaining account afterwards, a direct buyout option will most likely NOT be offered due to transfer restrictions and limitations associated with selling individual characters. In most cases, a consignment will be your only option.