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Lost Ark is incredibly fun and popular, but it isn’t for everyone. If you’re tired of repetitive grinding, no longer have the time to play, or just need some extra cash, you can sell Lost Ark accounts safely, easily, and instantly at AccountShark. Simply fill out the “Sell My Lost Ark Account” form below to get a same-day cash offer for your Lost Ark account. Instructions on how to accept our offer and get paid for your account will be provided with your quote.

The entire Steam account must be sold as it is not possible to separate Lost Ark from your Steam account. The quote you receive will be based on your Lost Ark character details alone. Other games are not calculated into the total value.

How To Sell Lost Ark Accounts

Fill out the form below with as much detail as possible. The more we know about what your account has, the more accurate your quote will be. There is no obligation to sell your account just for filling out the form.

We want to get you the best quote possible for your account, and if you have a lot of details to look through it can sometimes take several hours for your submission to be fully reviewed. Please do not make multiple submissions for the same account.

Once we’ve reviewed your submission, you will receive a cash offer for your Lost Ark account by email and instructions on how to finalize the sale.

Unlike other marketplaces, AccountShark does not make you wait for a buyer to be found before getting paid. We offer instant payments for all Lost Ark accounts.

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