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    Region: United States
    Servers: North America
    Currency: USD


    No Characters - Shell Account

    Rare Items & Transmog:

    All appearances listed are bound to the account only. Characters and appearances cannot be moved to new accounts.

    S9 Vicious Elite PvP Paladin Set (UNOBTAINABLE)
    S10 Ruthless Elite PvP Paladin Set (No Boots) (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Legion S1 / S2 Elite PvP Paladin Set (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Legion S3 / S4 Elite PvP Paladin Set (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Legion S5 / S6 / S7 Elite PvP Paladin Set (UNOBTAINABLE)
    World Defiler's Set (6/8)
    Elite Cosmic Gladiator's Ceremonial Sword (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Elite Cosmic Gladiator's Guard (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Elite Ruthless Gladiator's Redoubt (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Elite Ruthless Gladiator's Gavel (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Elite Vicious Gladiator's Redoubt (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Elite Vicious Gladiator's Gavel (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Elite Vicious Gladiator's Greatsword (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker

    Rare Tabards:

    Unchained Gladiator's Tabard (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Sinful Gladiator's Tabard (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Corrupted Gladiator's Tabard + Cloak (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Notorious Gladiator's Tabard + Cloak (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Sinister Gladiator's Tabard + Cloak (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Dread Gladiator's Tabard (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Fierce Gladiator's Tabard (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Demonic Gladiator's Tabard (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Prideful Gladiator's Tabard + Cloak (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Competitor's Tabard (UNOBTAINABLE)

    Weapon Illusions:

    Glorious Tyranny (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Primal Victory (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Primal Storm (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Cosmic Flow (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Unchained Fury (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Sinful Flame (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Dreadflame (UNOBTAINABLE)

    Mage Tower Artifact Weapons:

    Retribution Paladin Mage Tower Artifact Appearances (4/4) (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Holy Paladin Mage Tower Artifact Appearances (4/4) (UNOBTAINABLE)

    Rare Titles:

    Azeroth's Champion (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Arena Master (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Bloodsail Admiral
    the Faceless One (UNOBTAINABLE)
    the Ascended
    the Tormented (UNOBTAINABLE)
    the Eternal
    the Purifier
    of Gnomeregan
    of Ironforge
    of the Exodar
    of Darnassus
    of Stormwind
    the Darkener
    the Argent Champion
    the Wakener
    Conqueror of Orgrimmar
    Hero of Dazar'alor
    the Noble
    the Hallowed
    Empire's Twilight
    the Fearless
    the Exalted
    Delver of the Vaults
    Vengeance Incarnate
    Champion of the Frozen Wastes
    Hellscream's Downfall
    Defiler's End
    Blackwing's Bane
    Savior of Azeroth
    Assistant Professor
    of the Ashen Verdict
    Destroyer's End
    the Seeker
    of the Nightfall
    Twilight Vanquisher
    the Light of Dawn
    the Kingslayer
    the Patient

    Rare Mounts:

    Vicious Sabertooth
    Vicious War Croaker
    Vicious War Gorm
    Vicious War Basilisk
    Vicious Black Warsaber
    Voracious Gorger
    Hand of Hrestimorak
    Vicious War Riverbeast
    Vicious White Warsaber
    Vicious War Spider
    Wriggling Parasite
    Honeyback Harvester
    Renewed Proto-Drake
    Mechagon Mechanostrider
    Great Exarch's Elekk
    Black War Bear
    Exarch's Elekk
    Kul Tiran Charger
    Highlord's Golden Charger
    Teldrassil Hippogryph
    Dark Iron Core Hound
    Soultwisted Deathwalker (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Lightforged Felcrusher
    Starcursed Voidstrider
    Red Proto-Drake
    Swift Purple Gryphon
    Obsidian Worldbreaker (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Violet Spellwing (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Uncorrupted Voidwing (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Warlord's Deathwheel (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Ironbound Proto-Drake
    Rusted Proto-Drake
    Wonderwing 2.0
    Dreamlight Runedeer

    Rare Achievements:

    Ahead of the Curve: Helya (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Ahead of the Curve: Gul'dan (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Ahead of the Curve: Argus the Unmaker (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Ahead of the Curve: G'huun (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Ahead of the Curve: Lady Jaina Proudmoore (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Ahead of the Curve: Uu'nat, Harbinger of the Void (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Ahead of the Curve: N'Zoth the Corruptor (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Ahead of the Curve: Sire Denathrius (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Realm First! Shadowlands Keystone Master (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Phenomenal Cosmic Power (UNOBTAINABLE)
    It's Over Nine Thousand!
    Mad World