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    Region: United States
    Servers: North America
    Currency: USD


    Level 60 Warlock - Safe Armory

    Transfer Cooldown Expiry: 9/25/23

    Note: Safe Armory has not been updated since Shadowlands, so some Dragonflight content may not be shown. Please refer to the description below.

    Rare Items & Transmog:

    WoD Challenge Mode Weapons (UNOBTAINABLE)
    MoP Challenge Mode Warlock Set (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Timewarped Mage Tower Warlock Set (Diabolic Set Recolor)
    Replica Staff of Gul'dan (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Dragonwraith, Tarecgosa's Rest
    Xing-Ho, Breath of Yu'lon
    Nithramus, the All-Seer

    **Warlock Green Fire Unlocked**

    Rare Tabards:

    Tabard of the Void
    Tabard of Flame

    Mage Tower Artifact Weapons:

    Affliction Warlock Mage Tower Artifact Appearances (4/4 Unlocked) (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Destruction Warlock Mage Tower Artifact Appearances (3/4 Unlocked) (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Demonology Warlock Mage Tower Artifact Appearances (4/4 Unlocked) (UNOBTAINABLE)

    Rare Titles:

    the Indomitable (UNOBTAINABLE)
    the Undaunted (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Legend of Pandaria (UNOBTAINABLE)
    of the Black Harvest (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Blood Guard
    the Purifier
    Stone Guard
    First Sergeant
    Senior Sergeant
    the Uncorrupted
    Hero of Dazar'alor
    Avenger of Hyjal
    of the Iron Vanguard (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Empire's Twilight
    the Fearless
    the Dreamer
    Storm's End
    Delver of the Vaults
    Vengeance Incarnate
    of the Four Winds
    Hellscream's Downfall
    Defiler's End
    Blackwing's Bane
    Savior of Azeroth
    of the Ashen Verdict
    Destroyer's End
    the Astral Walker
    of the Nightfall
    the Light of Dawn
    the Kingslayer

    Rare Mounts:

    Obsidian Krolusk
    Snapback Scuttler
    Azshari Bloatray
    Wriggling Parasite
    Gorestrider Gronnling
    Dazar'alor Windreaver
    Grove Defiler
    Bloodgorged Crawg
    Frostplains Battleboar
    Leyfeather Hippogryph
    Armored Skyscreamer
    Heavenly Crimson Cloud Serpent
    Infernal Direwolf
    Crimson Cloud Serpent
    Antoran Gloomhound
    Spawn of Galakras
    Violet Proto-Drake
    Kor'kron War Wolf (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Volcanic Stone Drake
    Drake of the East Wind
    Twilight Harbinger
    Grove Warden (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Red Proto-Drake
    Obsidian Worldbreaker (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher
    Violet Spellwing (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Corrupted Fire Hawk
    Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher
    Uncorrupted Voidwing (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Rusted Proto-Drake

    Rare Achievements:

    Ahead of the Curve: Imperator's Fall (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Ahead of the Curve: Blackhand's Crucible (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Time is a Flat Circle (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Ahead of the Curve: The Black Gate (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Cutting Edge: The Black Gate (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Ahead of the Curve: Xavius (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Cutting Edge: Xavius (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Ahead of the Curve: Helya (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Cutting Edge: Helya (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Ahead of the Curve: Gul'dan (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Cutting Edge: Gul'dan (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Ahead of the Curve: Kil'jaeden (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Ahead of the Curve: Argus the Unmaker (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Ahead of the Curve: G'huun (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Cutting Edge: G'huun (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Ahead of the Curve: Lady Jaina Proudmoore (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Cutting Edge: Lady Jaina Proudmoore (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Ahead of the Curve: Uu'nat, Harbinger of the Void (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Ahead of the Curve: Queen Azshara (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Cutting Edge: Queen Azshara (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Ahead of the Curve: N'Zoth the Corruptor (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Cutting Edge: N'Zoth the Corruptor (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Ahead of the Curve: Sire Denathrius (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Cutting Edge: Sire Denathrius (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Ahead of the Curve: Sylvanas Windrunner (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Cutting Edge: Sylvanas Windrunner (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Ahead of the Curve: The Jailer (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Predator (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Breaker of the Black Harvest (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Mad World (UNOBTAINABLE)