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Sell WoW accounts the easy way at AccountShark! To get a quote to sell your WoW account, please fill out the form below. If the form is submitted during our regular hours of operation, we will send you an offer for your WoW account via email within a matter of minutes. 

How To Sell World of Warcraft Accounts

1. Please fill out the application below in its entirety. Being as descriptive as possible helps us more accurately appraise your WoW account.

2. It can sometimes take up to 24 hours for your submission to be reviewed. Due to a large number of forms being submitted daily, if we are not interested in your account, you may not receive a reply.

3. If we are interested in your WoW account, your quote will be sent to you via email with additional instructions on how to finalize the process.

4. If you agree to our offer, we will secure your WoW account, verify the that all information is accurate, and provide payment to you within 10 minutes or less. Unlike other account venues, AccountShark does not make you wait for a buyer to be found before getting paid. We only offer products for sale on consignment if it is expressly desired.

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Sell WoW Accounts Today

World of Warcraft is essentially an endless grind. For a lot of players, it's hard to keep up with the constant updates, changes, and new additions to the game. A person who began playing WoW in 2008 is now 12 years older, and a lot can happen in someone's life over the course of that timeframe. Obligations change, new responsibilities are formed, and the ability to devote as much time to staying Ahead of the Curve in WoW becomes a increasingly difficult. Unless you can dedicate hours every day to the game, it is easy for your gear to lose its luster quickly, or for your collections of rare mounts and items to become less impressive as new additions to these features are added to the game constantly. Sometimes these updates can have an adverse effect and actually discourage people from playing altogether. Whether you are unable to spend as much time playing WoW as you used to, have decided to give attention to more important things in life, or simply don't enjoy the game anymore, sell your WoW account safely and easily at AccountShark. Whatever you reason is for quitting the game, we can help you let go of the past and get paid doing it.

AccountShark makes it easy to sell your WoW account and move on with life. Don't just let your account collect dust. Fill out our simple-to-use quote form with as much detail about your account as possible and we will reach out to you with our best offer. After all, your WoW account is the culmination of years of your own time and effort and should be valued as such. If you accept our offer, we will finalize the process by securing your account and you will be paid within a matter of minutes. As part of securing your account, we will add an email address to the account that is created by us. Sell your account with confidence knowing that you do not have to give us access to your personal email and nobody else will ever know your email either. Be wary of websites and individuals who only advertise accounts on your behalf through consignment or require you to advertise your own account and provide them with all of your account information as part of the process. Those types of policies can potentially leave sellers vulnerable to being scammed or having their account information stolen. At AccountShark, your satisfaction and is our top priority, and we work hard to ensure that all your information is kept secure.