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How Much Is My WoW Account Worth?

by AccountShark LLC on January 20, 2022


How Much Is My WoW Account Worth?

You may be wanting to sell a wow account, but you’re not sure how much to ask for it. This guide aims to clear up any confusion about how much you can expect to get for your account, what to look for and mention when selling an account, and how to sell wow accounts safely

The most important aspect to consider when selling a WoW account is your character. Your character reflects all your efforts within the game. If your character is not leveled, has poor gear, or is neglected in general, you should not expect to sell it for very much. People who buy WoW accounts want to buy accounts with a progressed character to jump right into the action with. It would defeat the purpose to buy an account only to be as far along as they would have been by simply playing the game casually themselves. If your character is fully equipped with the best gear in Shadowlands, Classic, or TBC, you can expect to maximize the return you receive for selling it since that is the type of character a buyer would be interested in. 

Beyond gear and levels, the second most important aspect to your account is your collection. Collections include mounts, transmogs, achievements, and toys. It is okay if you do not have a large collection in one or more of these areas, but if you do, then your account may be worth a lot. A large mount collection is highly attractive to buyers since rare mounts are often difficult, and time consuming, to obtain. Most mounts in the game that people want are either a very low drop rate (Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent, Solar Spirehawk, Son of Galleon for example) or unobtainable entirely (Mighty Caravan Brutosaur, Black Proto-Drake, Black Qiraji War Tank to name just a few). Players can spend months or even years farming for their favorite mount to drop, and sometimes it never will. To avoid wasting that much time, they may consider buying an account. If your account has a collection of rare mounts, you can expect to sell it for quite a bit of cash depending on the rarity and overall quantity of mounts in your stable. 

Transmog is highly important in terms of your account’s value. For veteran players, transmog is one of the aspects of the game that keeps them interested. It is arguably WoW’s best customization feature to date. Each time you get a piece of gear, the appearance for that piece gets added to your transmog Wardrobe, where you can add it’s appearance to your currently equipped gear. These appearances can be infinitely modified or changed to your liking without restriction, although it does cost a little gold to do so each time. Some of the most popular transmog items and sets in the game are Elite PvP Sets (Rated PvP set recolors that began in Cataclysm), Challenge Mode Sets (Rewards for completing Challenge Mode Dungeons in Mists of Pandaria on the highest difficiculty), Mage Tower Artifact Appearances (Unique and obtainable Legion Artifact weapon skins obtained by completing the various Mage Tower challenge for a respective specialization) and Tier 3 Sets (Vanilla Naxxramas tier set, only obtainable on the Black Market auction house). Your account may be very valuable if you have a large collection of transmogs that include the ones listed above. Even if you do not have a large collection, and maybe only have a transmog set for one class, there is most likely someone out there who would still be interested in your account for having missed out on obtaining the set themselves while it was available. Mage Tower earners and Challenge Mode earners are highly sought after, and typically hold their value very well in terms of the broader market. 

Not all transmogs have to be completed sets of gear. Individual pieces of gear, weapons, and PvP weapon Illusions are also a key component to evaluating your account. Items like Tusks of Mannoroth, which has a scary low drop rate from Garrosh Hellscream, is one of the most farmed items in the game. It does not perfectly match any transmog set in particular, but the appearance is highly unique and matches that of the retired Warchief’s own armor. Corrupted Ashbringer (unobtainable since Vanilla Naxxramas) and Scythe of the Unmaker (rare drop from Argus the Unmaker with red and blue color tints) are highly sought after items within the transmog collector community. Corrupted Ashbringer, most notably, is incredibly rare and valuable simply due to the fact that it is no longer in the game, and only those players who kept the weapon itself since Vanilla were eligible to unlock it in their account-wide transmog Wardrobe. Following up on the Challenge Mode Sets in Mists of Pandaria, Warlords of Draenor introduced Challenge Mode Weapons. There were 1-2 weapon appearance per type, but Greatsword of the Inferno and Cloudsong Glaive are the most notable. You unlocked them all simply by completing the WoD Challenge Mode dungeons on the highest difficulty. If your account has any items or weapons with a rare or unique appearance, it is automatically more desirable than one without those things.

In essence, an account’s value is ultimately determined by how much STUFF you have. Whether this stuff be mounts or transmogs, those things all have timeless value within the broader market that gear and progression lack. Being up-to-date on current gear, M+ ratings, and raid progression are all great aspects to an account, but unless you play constantly at a competitive level, your character will lose its appeal the moment it gets neglected. Transmogs and mounts have a rarity aspect to them that makes accounts with those things more attractive to buyers. If you have an account with a vast collection and geared characters or character, this is the optimal setup for maximizing the return you can expect to get on an account. Since buyer’s are buying in the present moment, while they may be prioritizing outdated cosmetic vanity, they still intend to play the account, and having a character who is ready to jump into current content will certainly put your account in a better position to be sold than an account without one. 

While we cannot put a precise monetary value on an account since all accounts are vastly different with an assortment of assets, we can identify which types accounts are more valuable than others. Extreme collector accounts with geared characters are definitely the most valuable, and the least valuable would be very outdated or abandoned accounts with no geared characters and no notable vanity assets. Within that scope you have less extreme collections and accounts with targeted collections (such as one character, not necessarily geared for current content) with an obtainable transmog set such as an elite PvP set or a Challenge Mode set. Occasionally, if you have one character with a ton of vanity items or transmogs, that one character may be more valuable alone than your entire account. You can potentially sell that character individually and keep the remainder of your account for yourself without it. For a lot of sellers, this is the preferable route to take since they can offload unused characters while simultaneously keeping their account. For buyers, this is nice because they are not paying extra for things they do not want (mounts, etc) and only getting the things in a character that they’re targeting specifically. 

If you want to sell a WoW account and need help figuring out what your account is worth, fill out the Sell My WoW Account form and we’ll evaluate all relevant factors, combine those with years of leading market experience, and get back to you with the best possible valuation. We’ll help you figure out the best path forward, whether that be selling your entire account or simply selling one character, based on what your account has and what your preferences are. There is no obligation to sell anything after filling out the form, so feel free to try it out even if just for curiosity’s sake. We’re always available to answer questions and help with general inquiries. 


by Rico on March 11, 2024


Selling a battlenet acc, with wow The War Within bought already, it has a 4 level 70’s and
many deleted ones still.

Account also includes Diablo 2,3 and 4, starcraft 2.

by Peter on December 26, 2023

I am selling my WOTLK account. It ahs a level 80 Warlock that 5700 Gearscore (item lvl 253)

by Oliver M. on December 26, 2023

I have a WoW Account that I would like to sell. I have a original WOTLK Mage with the “Private” title and a original haunted memento.

It also has a twink and some other caracthers. It is linked to an untouched e-mail account.

Any ideas on the value?

by Vidarr on December 26, 2023

I have over 500+ Mounts, almost 18k achievements, I have 26 characters, I have over 6 years of played time. I have so much stuff on my account. I’ll let it go for an easy $1500.00 1-509-900-9150 call or text if interested and I’ll give you pics or more info too.

by Vidarr on December 26, 2023

I have over 500+ Mounts, almost 18k achievements, I have 26 characters, I have over 6 years of played time. I have so much stuff on my account. I’ll let it go for an easy $1500.00 1-509-900-9150 call or text if interested and I’ll give you pics or more info too.

by Vidarr on December 26, 2023

I have over 500+ Mounts, almost 18k achievements, I have 26 characters, I have over 6 years of played time. I have so much stuff on my account. I’ll let it go for an easy $1500.00 1-509-900-9150 call or text if interested and I’ll give you pics or more info too.

by Chris on May 10, 2023

I have the title marshall., Is that a thing that can make my account more valuable?

by Chris on December 26, 2023

I have the title marshall., Is that a thing that can make my account more valuable?

by Ali W Jibbawi on March 13, 2023

I would like to sell my WoW account, I haven’t played since Shadowlands.

I have a couple of nice Transmogs, tons of lvl 50’s and many other stuff.

but mainly I am selling cause of swift spectral tiger, which puts my acc at a high price.

I am charging in all 500$.

by Samuel R on January 26, 2022

Sell my WoW account was incredibly easy and fast with AccountShark. They know their stuff and spared no detail in order to get me the best quote compared to other sites. Payment was instant and I am very pleased with the level of service I received here :D


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