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    Region: United States
    Servers: North America
    Currency: USD


    Level 70 Death Knight - Safe Armory

    Level 70 Warlock - Safe Armory

    Level 70 Druid - Safe Armory

    Level 70 Demon Hunter - Safe Armory

    Rare Items & Transmog:

    Benediction / Anathema (UNOBTAINABLE)
    WoD Challenge Mode Weapons (UNOBTAINABLE)
    MoP Challenge Mode Warrior Set (UNOBTAINABLE)
    MoP Challenge Mode Druid Set (UNOBTAINABLE)
    MoP Challenge Mode Rogue Set (UNOBTAINABLE)
    MoP Challenge Mode Hunter Set (UNOBTAINABLE)
    MoP Challenge Mode Priest Set (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Garb of the Chosen Dead (Mythic Leather) (UNOBTAINABLE)
    S10 Ruthless Gladiator's Elite PvP Rogue Set (UNOBTAINABLE)
    WoD S1 Primal lite PvP Warrior Set (No Belt) (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Dragonflight S3 Elite PvP Death Knight Set (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Dragonflight S2 Elite PvP Demon Hunter Set (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Dragonflight S2 Elite PvP Warrior Set (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Dragonflight S1 Elite PvP Warrior Set (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Dragonflight S1 Elite PvP Warlock Set (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Shadowlands S2 Elite PvP Plate Set (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Shadowlands S2 Elite PvP Cloth Set (UNOBTAINABLE)
    BfA S2 Elite PvP Plate Set (UNOBTAINABLE)
    BfA S2 Elite PvP Cloth Set (UNOBTAINABLE)
    BfA S2 Elite PvP Leather Set (UNOBTAINABLE)
    BfA S1 Elite PvP Leather Set (UNOBTAINABLE)
    BfA S1 Elite PvP Cloth Set (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Legion S1 / S2 Elite PvP Death Knight Set (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Legion S1 / S2 Elite PvP Monk Set (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Legion S2 / S3 Elite PvP Rogue set (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Legion S5 / S6 / S7 Elite PvP Shaman Set (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Legion S5 / S6 / S7 Elite PvP Rogue Set (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Elite Ruthless Gladiator's Shanker (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Wendingo Woolies (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Bones of the Bloodhunter (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Darkmoon Harlequin Bells (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Void Elf Heritage Armor
    Lightforged Draenei Heritage Armor
    Dark Iron Dwarf Heritage Armor
    Fangs of the Father
    Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings
    Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker
    Warglaives of Azzinoth
    Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros
    Dragonwraith, Tarecgosa's Rest
    Jina-Kang, Kindness of Chi-Ji
    Gong-Lu, Strength of Xuen
    Xing-Ho, Breath of Yu'lon

    Rare Tabards:

    Dominating Gladiator's Tabard (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Demonic Gladiator's Tabard (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Primal Gladiator's Tabard (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Prideful Gladiator's Tabard (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Wrathful Gladiator's Tabard (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Tabard of Fury
    Tabard of Brilliance
    Tabard of Frost
    Competitor's Tabard (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Tabard of the Protector (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Battle Tabard of the Defilers
    Arathor Battle Tabard

    Weapon Illusions:

    Shadow Flame (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Primal Storm (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Unchained Fury (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Dreadflame (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Primal Victory (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Glorious Tyranny (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Flames of Ragnaros
    Winter's Grasp

    Mage Tower Artifact Weapons:

    Unholy Death Knight Mage Tower Artifact Appearances (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Frost Death Knight Mage Tower Artifact Appearances (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Blood Death Knight Mage Tower Artifact Appearances (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Havoc Demon Hunter Mage Tower Artifact Appearances (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Vengeance Demon Hunter Mage Tower Artifact Appearances (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Shadow Priest Mage Tower Artifact Appearances (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Demonology Warlock Mage Tower Artifact Appearances (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Assassination Rogue Mage Tower Artifact Appearances (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Subtlety Rogue Mage Tower Artifact Appearances (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Outlaw Rogue Mage Tower Artifact Appearances (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Balance Druid Mage Tower Artifact Appearances (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Feral Druid Mage Tower Artifact Appearances (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Guardian Druid Mage Tower Artifact Appearances (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Enhancement Shaman Mage Tower Artifact Appearances (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Elemental Shaman Mage Tower Artifact Appearances (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Brewmaster Monk Mage Tower Artifact Appearances (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Windwalker Monk Mage Tower Artifact Appearances (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Fury Warrior Mage Tower Artifact Appearances (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Arms Warrior Mage Tower Artifact Appearances (UNOBTAINABLE)

    Rare Titles:

    Vanquisher (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Arena Master (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Bound by Honor
    Champion of the Naaru (UNOBTAINABLE)
    the Chosen (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Hand of A'dal (UNOBTAINABLE)
    the Unstoppable Force
    the Undaunted (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Bloodsail Admiral
    Legend of Pandaria (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Draenei Destroyer
    the Purifier
    the Manslayer
    the Tomb Raider
    Southshore Slayer (UNOBTAINABLE)
    of the Horde
    Patron of War
    Spear of Vol'jin
    The Unrelenting
    Darkspear Revolutionary (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Timber Lord
    of Sen'jin
    of Thunder Bluff
    of Silvermoon
    of the Undercity
    Lord of the Reins
    Flame Keeper
    of Orgrimmar
    the Darkener
    The Prestigious
    Guardian of Cenarius
    the Beloved
    Crashin' Thrashin'
    the Savage Hero
    Hero of Dazar'alor
    the Gullible
    Associate Professor
    Avenger of Hyjal
    the Hallowed
    Liberator of Orgrimmar
    the Explorer
    The Honorable
    the Fabulous
    of the Iron Vanguard (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Defender of a Shattered World
    Empire's Twilight
    the Fearless
    the Dreamer
    the Exalted
    Storm's End
    Delver of the Vaults
    Vengeance Incarnate
    Champion of the Frozen Wastes
    of the Four Winds
    Hellscream's Downfall
    Defiler's End
    Blackwing's Bane
    Savior of Azeroth
    Assistant Professor
    of the Ashen Verdict
    Destroyer's End
    the Astral Walker
    the Seeker
    of the Nightfall
    Twilight Vanquisher
    the Light of Dawn
    the Kingslayer
    the Patient

    Rare Mounts:

    Deadly Gladiator's Frost Wyrm (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Furious Gladiator's Frost Wyrm (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Vicious Gladiator's Twilight Drake (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Brutal Nether Drake (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Prideful Gladiator's Cloud Serpent (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Magic Rooster
    Swift Spectral Tiger
    Hellfire Infernal
    Felsteel Annihilator
    Ironhoof Destroyer
    Vicious Sabertooth
    Ravenous Black Gryphon
    Vicious Warstalker
    Azure Worldchiller
    White Riding Camel
    Zenet Hatchling
    Eve's Ghastly Rider
    Swift Shorestrider
    Vicious War Croaker
    Crusty Crawler
    Vicious War Gorm
    Grotto Netherwing Drake
    Vicious War Basilisk
    Vicious Black Warsaber
    Vicious War Elekk
    Vicious War Turtle
    Vicious War Bear
    Vicious War Lion
    Swift Armored Vorquin
    Vicious Gilnean Warhorse
    Vicious War Mechanostrider
    Guardian Vorquin
    Vicious War Ram
    Vicious War Fox
    Vicious War Riverbeast
    Stormwind Skychaser (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Orgrimmar Interceptor (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Vicious White Warsaber
    Vicious War Spider
    Vicious War Steed
    Darkforge Ram
    Obsidian Vorquin
    Vicious Kaldorei Warsaber
    Voidtalon of the Dark Star
    Frostbrood Proto-Wyrm (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Ultramarine Qiraji Battle Tank
    Stormpike Battle Ram
    Predatory Plagueroc
    Viridian Phase-Hunter
    Golden Primal Direhorn
    Prestigious Royal Courser
    Shadowblade's Crimson Omen
    Shadowblade's Lethal Omen
    Hogrus, Swine of Good Fortune
    Shadowblade's Baneful Omen
    Azureshell Krolusk
    Netherlord's Accursed Wrathsteed
    Ashhide Mushan Beast
    Beastlord's Warwolf
    Prestigious Forest Courser
    Bloodgorged Crawg
    Wen Lo, the River's Edge
    Grove Defiler
    Armored Razzashi Raptor
    Netherlord's Brimstone Wrathsteed
    Underrot Crawg
    Mimiron's Head
    Elusive Quickhoof
    Cindermane Charger
    Frostplains Battleboar
    Swift Zhevra
    Challenger's War Yeti (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Argent Warhorse
    Blazing Drake
    Cliffside Wylderdrake
    Dune Scavenger
    Mechanized Lumber Extractor
    Highland Drake
    Stormpike Battle Charger
    Windborne Velocidrake
    Armored Blue Dragonhawk
    Violet Pandaren Phoenix (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Ashen Pandaren Phoenix (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Crimson Pandaren Phoenix (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Renewed Proto-Drake
    Emerald Pandaren Phoenix (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Swift Windsteed
    Jade Primordial Direhorn
    Dustmane Direwolf
    Geosynchronous World Spinner
    Armored Bloodwing
    Abyss Worm
    Swift Zulian Panther
    Shadowblade's Murderous Omen
    Infernal Direwolf
    Brawler's Burly Mushan Beast
    Ban-Lu, Grandmaster's Companion
    Netherlord's Chaotic Wrathsteed
    Antoran Gloomhound
    Rivendare's Deathcharger
    Drake of the North Wind
    Tundra Icehoof
    Warsong Direfang
    Battlelord's Bloodthirsty War Wyrm
    Black War Bear
    Antoran Charhound
    Mekgineer's Chopper
    Heavenly Azure Cloud Serpent
    Astral Cloud Serpent
    Slayer's Felbroken Shrieker
    Tyrael's Charger
    Black War Mammoth
    Aerial Unit R-21/X
    Kul Tiran Charger
    Darkwater Skate
    Rampaging Mauler
    Vile Fiend
    Sunhide Gronnling
    Prestigious Azure Courser
    Bloodhoof Bull
    Teldrassil Hippogryph (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Swift Violet Ram
    Primal Flamesaber
    Fiery Warhorse
    Swift Purple Raptor
    Kor'kron War Wolf
    Deepcoral Snapdragon
    Ironclad Frostclaw
    Bloodflank Charger
    Snapdragon Kelpstalker
    Armored Snowy Gryphon
    Great Red Elekk
    Blacksteel Battleboar
    Swift Red Hawkstrider
    Deathtusk Felboar
    Swift Gray Steed
    Great Greytusk
    Swift Burgundy Wolf
    Swift Moonsaber
    Crimson Deathcharger
    White Skeletal Warhorse
    Dark Riding Talbuk
    Dark Iron Core Hound
    Riddler's Mind-Worm
    Turbo-Charged Flying Machine
    Mail Muncher
    Felfire Hawk
    White Riding Goat
    Russet Ruinstrider
    Beryl Ruinstrider
    Umber Ruinstrider
    Blue Dragonhawk
    Sable Ruinstrider
    Amethyst Ruinstrider
    Fossilized Raptor
    Lightforged Felcrusher
    Volcanic Stone Drake
    Cerulean Ruinstrider
    Black Riding Goat
    Swift Lovebird
    Magnificent Flying Carpet
    Onyxian Drake
    Green Riding Nether Ray
    Armored Brown Bear
    Pureblood Fire Hawk
    Blue Riding Nether Ray
    Purple Riding Nether Ray
    Silver Riding Nether Ray
    Corrupted Dreadwing
    Red Riding Nether Ray
    Starcursed Voidstrider
    Ashes of Al'ar
    Swift Green Gryphon
    Chauffeured Mekgineer's Chopper
    Traveler's Tundra Mammoth
    Brown Riding Goat
    Dark War Talbuk
    Flametalon of Alysrazor
    Swift Blue Gryphon
    Illidari Felstalker
    Tan Riding Talbuk
    Silver Riding Talbuk
    Cobalt Riding Talbuk
    White Riding Talbuk
    Golden King
    Tan War Talbuk
    Raven Lord
    Purple Netherwing Drake
    Silver War Talbuk
    Cobalt Netherwing Drake
    Cobalt War Talbuk
    Swift Red Gryphon
    White War Talbuk
    Violet Netherwing Drake
    Azure Netherwing Drake
    Veridian Netherwing Drake
    Cenarion War Hippogryph
    Regal Riding Crane
    Golden Riding Crane
    Twilight Harbinger
    Golden Gryphon
    Green Shado-Pan Riding Tiger
    Red Shado-Pan Riding Tiger
    Ebon Gryphon
    Onyx Cloud Serpent
    Onyx Netherwing Drake
    Snowy Gryphon
    Prestigious Ivory Courser
    Azure Riding Crane
    Grove Warden (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Darkspore Mana Ray
    Vibrant Mana Ray
    Llothien Prowler
    Black Primal Raptor
    Blue Shado-Pan Riding Tiger
    Maldraxxian Corpsefly
    Red Proto-Drake
    Core Hound (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Obsidian Worldbreaker (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Violet Spellwing (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Smoldering Ember Wyrm
    Uncorrupted Voidwing (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Warlord's Deathwheel (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Grand Expedition Yak

    Rare Achievements:

    The Fifth Element (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Ahead of the Curve: Lei Shen (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Ahead of the Curve: Garrosh Hellscream (10 player) (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Ahead of the Curve: Garrosh Hellscream (25 player) (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Time is a Flat Circle (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Ahead of the Curve: The Black Gate (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Cutting Edge: The Black Gate (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Ahead of the Curve: Xavius (UNOBTAINABLE)
    The Chosen (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Ahead of the Curve: Gul'dan (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Ahead of the Curve: Kil'jaeden (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Ahead of the Curve: Argus the Unmaker (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Ahead of the Curve: G'huun (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Cutting Edge: G'huun (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Ahead of the Curve: Lady Jaina Proudmoore (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Cutting Edge: Lady Jaina Proudmoore (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Ahead of the Curve: Uu'nat, Harbinger of the Void (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Ahead of the Curve: Queen Azshara (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Ahead of the Curve: N'Zoth the Corruptor (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Dragonflight Season 2 Master (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Predator (UNOBTAINABLE)
    Breaker of the Black Harvest (UNOBTAINABLE)
    It's Over Nine Thousand!