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Sell WoW Accounts and WoW Classic Accounts on AccountShark

Looking to sell your World of Warcraft or World of Warcraft Classic account? AccountShark makes the process of selling your WoW accounts quick and simple. We know that selling your account can be a daunting and scary process. You want to be able to sell your account for the maximum amount possible without getting tricked by a scammer or getting undercut and not knowing it. Here at AccountShark, we take care of the selling process for you and offer you a same day offer for what your account is worth. 


How do I sell my WoW account on AccountShark?

1. Fill out the application below in its entirety. Being as descriptive as possible helps us more accurately appraise your WoW account. We can't take something into consideration if we don't know it's there!

2. We want to get you the best quote possible for your account, so it can sometimes take several hours for your submission to be thoroughly reviewed. Your patience is appreciated. We try our best to respond to all quote requests, but due to a large number of forms being submitted daily, if we unable to purchase your account or help you sell it you may not receive a reply. Please do not make multiple submissions for the same account.

3. Once your submission is received and reviewed, if we are interested in purchasing your WoW account your quote will be sent to you by email with additional instructions on how to finalize the process.

4. If you agree to our offer, we will secure your WoW account, verify that all information is accurate, and provide payment to you the same day. Unlike other account venues, AccountShark does not make you wait for a buyer to be found before getting paid!

How Do We Determine the Price of Your WoW and WoWC Account?

Determining the price of a World of Warcraft account is an intricate process where we examine the assets and value that your account holds based on your rare mounts, transmogs, items, weapons, titles, and achievements. WoW accounts are complex and multi-faceted which makes the price for each of them unique. We encourage anybody who is considering selling their WoW account to go through it and make an estimate of what it is worth. This helps us to see from your perspective what your labor and hard-earned items are worth. It is not required but it helps us with the evaluation process of the price of your account. You might even get way more than you were expecting or you could be spot on. 

We take into account all the facets of your account to determine an accurate price where you make the most money possible. For example, many sellers think that having a TCG mount on their account automatically makes their account worth a small fortune. This is a very common misconception because of used and unused items in World of Warcraft. Having a Swift Spectral Tiger or a Magic Rooster on your account, or even a combination of the two, does not automatically give your account the same value as what those things might sell for on eBay or on another online marketplace. The reason for this is things hold more value as unused items because people can redeem them on their personal accounts they have been playing on. They do not hold the same value after they have been redeemed on your account because they have been used. 

With Shadowlands out now, there is an influx of people wanting to get back into the game after the conclusion of Battle for Azeroth. Don't put yourself and your account at risk by selling your WoW account anywhere else. We value the time and effort you invested into your account over the years to make it what it is today, and we understand that the decision to sell your WoW account does not come easy. Whatever your reason for selling may be, we respect your privacy, and are here to make the process as safe and seamless as possible while simultaneously giving you the highest payout on the market for all your hard work. If your form is submitted during our regular hours of operation, 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM CST, we will send you an offer for your WoW account via email within the same business day. If it is submitted outside of this time frame you will receive a reply the following morning if we are interested in selling your account.

How To Sell Your WoW Account Safely and Securely

We understand that selling your WoW account can be scary and full of unknowns. There are hundreds of selling platforms online, auction houses to sell items, and scammers trying to make a quick buck. So how does AccountShark ensure that your WoW account is sold safely and securely? Through encrypted communication and DocuSign integrations, we take no shortcuts when it comes to your safety and peace-of-mind. We are managed by a team of avid gaming enthusiasts with a passion for MMO games, and that familiarity with games gives us insight into what has value and what doesn’t. When you fill out one of our forms to Sell WoW Accounts, we are able to identify and accurately calculate the best possible price for everything your account entails. We don’t use randomized algorithms like our competitors – we use raw, down-to-Earth experience and understanding of the gaming landscape, in all its vastness and variety. 


To get a quote to sell your World of Warcraft account, please fill out the form on Sell WoW Accounts.(https://accountshark.net/pages/sell-wow-accounts) There is no obligation to sell your account to us after filling out the quote application. Instructions on how to accept our offer and get paid for your account will be provided to you with your quote. If you have any questions before or during the selling process, contact us at support@accountshark.net. At AccountShark we help to make the process of selling your WoW account as safe, secure, and simple as possible.