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AccountShark.net is proud to be one of the few MMO account marketplaces in the world to offer flexible payment schedules for all products purchased through our website. Each plan is unique and custom arranged to best fit every customer’s individual needs. Pay while you play and get the account login information as soon as you make the first payment!


Terms and Conditions


  • The longest duration for a payment plan is 60 days. Not every product available on our website will qualify for a maximum duration payment plan.

  • Filling out the application does not guarantee we will approve you for a payment plan. This is determined on a case by case basis.

  • If your request is approved, the purchase will have to be organized outside of the website via custom invoice to allow for partial payments.

  • Account information, including the password, may not be modified at all during the payment period.

  • If applicable, you may not add an authenticator until the account is fully paid off.

  • Failure to pay will result in account repossession and a nonnegotiable forfeiture of the payments you already made.

  • Do not apply for a payment plan if you foresee anything that might prevent you from finishing payments. We will not refund you if you are suddenly unable to pay.

  • You are responsible for making all payments on time per the schedule we arrange for you. If you are late making a payment, we will give you a grace period of 24 hours to either make the payment or contact us with an explanation. After the 24 hour window expires we will terminate the payment plan.

  • You will receive additional account information once the payments are completed.


Please fill out the form below to apply for a payment plan: