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Prepare yourselves, mount up, and take to the skies - Dragonflight has arrived! Buy WoW accounts with rare mounts and transmog to enhance your epic adventure in World of Warcraft, and uncover the secrets of the Dragon Isles in style. Find the perfect unique character to suit your gaming needs and preferences. With a variety of leveled and well-equipped accounts, you can skip the grind and jump straight into the action today.

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How to Buy WoW Accounts on AccountShark

Here's a quick guide to get you started buying WoW accounts in just a few simple steps.

● Sign up on AccountShark.net and create a profile. This is not required, but we recommend it for easier checkout and for keeping track of your purchases here.

Browse accounts on this page and select the one you want to buy. Once selected, add it to your cart and proceed to checkout. If you do not see a WoW account that meets your needs, we can help! Simply head over to Request WoW Account to submit a request and get notified when what you are looking for is in stock.


● On the checkout page, choose you preferred payment method and complete the checkout process. If you chose a manual payment option at checkout, such as Zelle or Cashapp, we will reach out to you directly to complete the transaction.

● Once you have paid, we will send the new account details to the email address you provided at checkout. We will assist you with logging in for the first time if necessary.

After your order is complete and you've received your new account, please consider leaving us a review describing your experience. Customer feedback in is how we improve as a business, so we greatly appreciate any feedback you can provide. If you have any questions before, during, or after placing an order, please reach out to us by email or by live chat on this website.

The Best Place To Buy WoW Accounts

While there are many options out there for buying accounts, it's important to know that AccountShark is considered the best place to buy WoW accounts for a number of reasons.

  1. A Trusted Marketplace

AccountShark has earned a reputation as a trusted marketplace for WoW accounts over the years. Unlike some less reputable websites and individual sellers, AccountShark rigorously vets every account listed on its platform. This thorough verification process ensures that you receive a high-quality account that meets your expectations.

The platform also provides detailed information about each account, including its level, gear, achievements, and any special features. This transparency allows you to make an informed decision when purchasing an account, ensuring that you get precisely what you're looking for.

  1. Security and Account Safety

One of the primary concerns when buying a WoW account is the risk of fraud or account theft. AccountShark takes security seriously and employs robust measures to protect both buyers and sellers. When you purchase an account through AccountShark, you can rest assured that your transaction is secure.

AccountShark uses industry-standard encryption and secure payment methods to safeguard your personal information and financial details. Furthermore, the platform has a dedicated team of moderators who monitor transactions and accounts to detect and prevent any suspicious activity.

To further enhance account safety, AccountShark encourages sellers to provide a guarantee that the account they are selling has not been compromised, ensuring that buyers get a legitimate and secure account.

  1. Competitive Pricing

AccountShark offers competitive pricing for WoW accounts, making it an attractive option for players looking to level up their characters or enter the game at a higher level. The marketplace's diverse range of accounts allows you to choose an option that fits your budget while still meeting your gaming needs.

Moreover, AccountShark frequently runs promotions and discounts, giving you the opportunity to save even more on your WoW account purchase. This commitment to affordability ensures that you get the best value for your money.

  1. A Wide Selection of WoW Accounts For Sale

AccountShark boasts a vast selection of WoW accounts, catering to players of all preferences and playstyles. Whether you're interested in PvP, PvE, or role-playing, you'll find an account that suits your needs. From high-level characters with impressive gear to rare and unique accounts with coveted achievements, AccountShark has it all.

The platform also provides accounts for both Horde and Alliance factions, so you can choose the side that best aligns with your gaming goals. With such a diverse range of options, you'll have no trouble finding the perfect WoW account to enhance your gaming experience.

  1. User-Friendly Interface

Navigating AccountShark's website is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly interface. The platform is designed with ease of use in mind, allowing you to search for accounts based on specific criteria such as level, faction, and gear score. This streamlined approach ensures that you can quickly find the account that matches your desired specifications.

Furthermore, AccountShark provides comprehensive account details and a clear purchasing process, making it easy for both new and experienced players to buy WoW accounts with confidence. The platform also offers customer support to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have during the purchasing process.

  1. Customer Satisfaction

AccountShark's commitment to customer satisfaction sets it apart from other WoW account marketplaces. The platform prioritizes customer feedback and strives to continuously improve its services based on user experiences.

Many satisfied customers have praised AccountShark for its reliable service, quality accounts, and responsive customer support. The platform has received positive reviews and testimonials from players who have successfully purchased WoW accounts and achieved their in-game goals.


In the vast world of World of Warcraft, having the right account can make all the difference in your gaming experience. AccountShark shines as the best place to buy WoW accounts, offering a trusted marketplace, security measures, competitive pricing, a wide selection, a user-friendly interface, and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

When you choose AccountShark, you're not just purchasing a WoW account; you're investing in a secure, enjoyable, and hassle-free gaming journey. So whether you're a seasoned WoW player looking to level up quickly or a newcomer eager to dive into the adventure, AccountShark is your ultimate destination for purchasing WoW accounts with confidence. Explore the marketplace today and take your WoW experience to new heights.


Safe WoW Accounts For Sale

At AccountShark, our commitment to excellence is unwavering. We take pride in offering only the finest and most secure World of Warcraft accounts to our valued customers. Our rigorous selection process ensures that each account we provide is not only of the highest quality but also backed by robust security measures. We understand the trust you place in us when buying your WoW account, and we go to great lengths to exceed your expectations. With a team of experts dedicated to sourcing and verifying the best accounts, you can game with confidence, knowing that at AccountShark, quality and security are our top priorities.

Unlike our competitors, AccountShark isn't an open marketplace that allow just anyone to sign up and post their account for sale. We weed out any bad apples by manually vetting all accounts and sellers prior to allowing them to use our platform. We review all accounts by hand to ensure they are absent of any potential risks and that they're a good fit for the level of quality we're best known for. We hold ourselves, our sellers, and our inventory to the same standard of unparalleled excellence.

See why thousands of people have chosen AccountShark for their premium account needs today!

Benefits of Buying WoW Accounts

Buying a new account has a variety of potential benefits and perks. Each player has a different need to consider when buying an account. One player may just need a new class to experiment with to meet the raiding requirements of their guild. They may not have the time to reach max level on a new class or specialization, in addition to equipping themselves with suitable end-game gear, so buying an account makes sense for them. They probably don't need an account with a lot of fluff or extras like mounts or transmog either. On the other hand, another player may want an account with a huge mount collection since he has been playing for 15 years and can't seem to get Invincible's Reins to drop from the Lich King. A new account gives that player immediate access to all the mounts he could possibly want and more. He's already spent over a decade farming, so now he'll spend another decade showing off in Origrimmar or Stormwind on his sweet new rides. Farming in World of Warcraft is a huge time commitment, since most mounts can only be farmed once per boss per week, and many people farm them on multiple alts at a time. Accounts with large collections are highly desirable to buyers with limited time to play who can't commit to endlessly farming for the things they want. Regardless of the reason, buying a new account is a great way for players to achieve what they want in-game in a manner most convenient for them. Players who might otherwise quit the game entirely due to frustration, inability to farm mounts or optimized equipment for their character, restricted access to Mythic+ dungeons, or end-game rated PvP and PvE raid content, might continue to play if they had access to those things more readily. Buying an account gives them that opportunity and breathes new life into a game which otherwise might have become a mundane chore.

Buy WoW Accounts With Rare Mounts and Transmog (Vanity)

While characters, gear, and progression are important to an account's value, those things can lose value quickly. What really counts are rare or unobtainable transmog, mounts, titles, achievements, and items. These accolades are referred to as "vanity" and they are highly coveted cosmetic features of the game. Players will pour hundreds of days into the game to obtain a rare mount or item drop from a raid boss, and even if it doesn't provide a stat or item level boost, it improves that player's overall experience in the game by making them stand out from the crowd. 

Here are some of the rarest transmog sets and items in World of Warcraft:

Tier 3 Sets (Original Naxxramas 40 Man Raid)

  • Frostfire Regalia
  • Cryptstalker Armor
  • Vestments of Faith
  • Dreamwalker Raiment
  • Bonescythe Armor
  • Redemption Armor
  • Earthshatter Regalia
  • Plagueheart Raiment
  • Dreadnaught Armor

MoP Challenge Mode Sets (Mists of Pandaria Dungeons Challenge Mode Difficulty)

  • Lich Lord Set (Death Knight)
  • Regal Lord Set (Monk)
  • Golden King Set (Warrior)
  • Holy Warrior Set (Paladin)
  • Light Set (Priest)
  • Betrayer Set (Warlock)
  • Elemental Triad Set (Mage)
  • Windfury Set (Shaman)
  • Howling Beast Set (Hunter)
  • Cycle Set (Druid)
  • Silent Assassin Set (Rogue)

Elite PvP Sets (Recolored Gladiator Sets)

WoD Challenge Mode Weapons (Warlords of Draenor Dungeons Challenge Mode Difficulty)

Legion Artifact Weapon Mage Tower Forms (Legion Mage Tower Challenges)

Timewarped Mage Tower Sets (Legion Mage Tower Timewalking Event)

The "Chosen" Sets (Mythic Difficulty Trial of Valor Raid Reward)

Wendingo Woolies (Blizzcon Promotion)

Tusks of Mannoroth (Garrosh Raid Drop)

The First Satyr's Spaulders (Xavius Raid Drop)

Although entirely cosmetic, transmog is one of the best features in World of Warcraft. The ability to change your character's armor skin, which is typically composed mismatched pieces of gear from quests, dungeons, and raids, gives your character a complete and refined look. If you find yourself searching "buy WoW accounts with mage tower appearances" or "buy WoW account with Corrupted Ashbringer" then AccountShark is the right place to be. We will certainly have an account or character that has the exact transmog you require.

Second to transmog, mounts are also one of the most coveted features in the game. Mounts can be obtained through questing, as drops from bosses, for achievements, PvP rewards, and more. If you are one of the countless players searching "buy WoW account with Brutosaur" then you have come to the right place. There are over 1,000 mounts in World of Warcraft as of 2023 and more are being added each expansion. Here are some of most sought after mounts in the game:

Mighty Caravan Brutosaur (5,000,000 Gold Mount Removed In Shadowlands)

Swift Spectral Tiger (Trading Card Game Code Redemption)

Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent (Sha of Anger World Boss Drop)

Otherworldly Ottuk Carrier (500 Mount Reward)

Big Love Rocket ("Love Is In The Air" Holiday Event Raid Drop)

Black Qiraji Battle Tank (Scarab Lord Questline Reward)

Son of Galleon (Galleon World Boss Drop)

Solar Spirehawk (Rukhmar World Boss Drop)

Prestigious Bloodforged Courser (500 Honor Reward)

Felsteel Annihilator (Archimonde Raid Drop)

Vengeance (Sylvanas Raid Drop)

Ny'alotha Allseer (N'Zoth Raid Drop)

Hellfire Infernal (Gul'dan Raid Drop)

All Gladiator Mounts (Rated PvP Reward)

It's easy to buy WoW accounts with rare mounts and transmog at AccountShark. Just browse our inventory and see for yourself the WoW accounts for sale with all the coveted mounts and items you've been longing for!

What Is a Shell Account in WoW?

A WoW shell account is a term commonly used among buyers and sellers in the industry, but it is often misunderstood. The proper definition is this: A shell account refers to an account that is absent of any characters, most mounts, and is primarily only made up of a few valuable transmog appearances. A shell account is not someone's original main account, even if they move their characters off of it. This would still be considered an original account and does not carry the same security benefits as a shell account. You might be wondering if shell accounts are safe, and the answer is generally yes - a shell account will almost always be 100% safe. The reason for this is that a shell account is typically not someone's original main account. It was most likely made in the process of a character transfer, so it is unlikely that anyone would have any attachment to it or even know if its existence. While a shell account is less fleshed out and flashy than a fully decked out original account, if safety is a concern of yours and you only having a few rare appearances, then buying a WoW shell account might be the best choice for you.

History of World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft (WoW) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Blizzard Entertainment. It was first released on November 23, 2004. Set in the expansive world of Azeroth, WoW became a cultural phenomenon, attracting millions of players worldwide.

The game initially launched with the "Vanilla" version, featuring two factions, Alliance and Horde, and a level cap of 60. It quickly gained popularity, introducing players to immersive quests, challenging dungeons, and intense player-versus-player combat.

Over the years, WoW has seen numerous expansions that expanded the game's lore, introduced new continents, races, and classes. Notable expansions include The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria, Warlords of Draenor, Legion, Battle for Azeroth, Shadowlands, and most recently in 2023, the latest expansion Dragonflight.

Each expansion brought new gameplay mechanics, raids, dungeons, and engaging storylines, keeping the player base enthralled. WoW's success also led to the creation of global esports events like the Arena World Championship and the Mythic Dungeon International.

As of 2021, WoW remains a prominent force in the gaming industry, boasting a vast and dedicated community. With its evolving content, regular updates, and commitment to providing an immersive and social gaming experience, World of Warcraft continues to shape the MMORPG genre and is poised to leave a lasting legacy.

How to Sell My WoW Account


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