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Your Swift Spectral Tiger is Not Worth As Much As You Think

by AccountShark LLC on January 06, 2023

Why Your Spectral Tiger is Not As Valuable As You Think: A Thorough Explanation

This article is a long overdue explanation for singlehandedly the most common misconception in the universe when it comes to valuing a WoW account. We’ve beaten this point into the ground for years but since it’s still being brought up, we’re going to break apart the misconception bit by bit in this article to put an end to the debate. Many people may disagree with this or be shocked to find out the truth, but the reality is: Your spectral tiger mount is not worth as much as you think! 

The spectral tiger mount (as of today, January 6th, 2023) is priced on average at $7,000 on TCGloot.com.  


That’s a pretty big chunk of change for a mount. If you have the mount on your account and you’re thinking about cashing in your lottery ticket, think again. Nobody, not a soul on this planet or any other planet, will pay $7,000 for your account just because you have that mount (or any other TCG mount) unlocked on it. NOBODY! Now I’m not referring to a completely mind shattering insane account, the likes of which you’d only find on AccountShark. You know, the kind with every rare mount (including The Swift Spectral Tiger & all other TCG mounts) and rare transmog in the game, nearly max achievement points, Legacy feats of strength & realm first raid achievements, etc. Those accounts often do sell for $7,000 or more on our website, but not just because of 1 or 2 rare mounts. There’s much more that goes into the value of an account than that alone, and anyone spending that kind of money needs a well-rounded, nearly complete account to justify it - a few mounts doesn’t scratch that itch, no matter how “rare” they are on paper. 

The Swift Spectral Tiger isn’t that rare to begin with. The mount itself has been duped heavily on the Auction House since it’s introduction to the game. Here’s an example from a 2014 MMO Champion thread: 


The top post says the card is $600 at the time. Another post says it sells for 275-320k gold on the Auction House in the game. Other posters are saying they sold theirs for 800k+ (which most likely refers to the Epic purple Spectral Tiger variant) in a private trade. Point is, the mount used to be available for mere hundreds of thousands of gold. Gold cap at the time was only 1M per character, so that’s the most it could have possibly sold for. Nowadays, gold cap is 10M, so of course the price of the mount has risen as gold has become more common within the game’s economy. None of that changes the fact that MOST PLAYERS acquired the mount many, many, many years ago when it was duped heavily and worth pennies in terms of USD or gold within the game. I remember picking one up off the AH myself for gold cap in WoD. Gold cap was not hard to achieve if you were involved in any sort of raid, or Challenge Mode carry boosting groups at the time - so the Spectral Tiger was extremely affordable for a long period of time. The same goes for today’s market, although 10M sounds like a lot more than 1M on paper, the value of gold is relatively the same. People still acquire gold cap easily in-game when involved in the right activities. Gold cap itself on paper isn’t worth anywhere close to $7,000, even by WoW token standards. It’s still extremely attainable by a large portion of players, and moreso without spending thousands of dollars on eBay. So with all of that in mind, do you still think your Spectral Tiger account is worth that much money?

Swift Spectral Tiger Auction House Values MMO Champion

The answer is no, never, no way José, not gonna happen, in your dreams, nope. NO. The mount does not make your account worth that much money. We’ve bought and sold accounts with nothing but the Swift Spectral Tiger (no large collections, not worthwhile transmog, no geared characters, etc.) for $100 in some cases. Why? Because people don’t want to pay thousands of dollars to play on your account with just one cool mount. That’s the bottom line and the cold hard truth. The only time someone might be willing to spend $7,000 for the mount is if they 1.) Have zero skills playing WoW 2.) Zero time to play the game and make gold 3.) Lots of money or well paying job and 4.) No wife or husband or friends to talk some sense into them. That logic probably applies to a very small percent of people, and they would ONLY consider buying the mount for that much money if it were possible to get the mount on their own account. They don’t care if your account has it, they want it on their account - the one they made with their own name back in 2008. That’s the reality of the account industry and that’s why your Swift Spectral Tiger isn’t worth as much as you think. While it’s not a common / worthless mount by any means, if it’s the only thing on your account, your account ain’t worth that much to anyone.

The same logic applies to ALL MOUNTS and ALL TCG MOUNTS / ITEMS. Nobody buying accounts will give you thousands of dollars just because your account has a rare mount, or a few rare mounts. If you have 700+ rare mounts that’s a totally different story, but unless you’ve dedicated years of time and effort into an account (which can easily be seen on a simple armory link of your main character) you can forget about it. It’s kind of a paradox within the market, but it is what it is, and what it’s always been. 

We hope this was as informative and entertaining for you as it was to write. If you have an account you want to sell, give us a shout and we’ll help you out with putting a value on it. As always, you’ll get no BS from us at AccountShark. Thanks for reading.

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