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WoW Shadowlands Patch 9.2 Mount Guide

by AccountShark LLC on February 22, 2022

With the release of WoW Patch 9.2: Eternity’s End launching on February 22nd, comes new achievements, a new questing zone, developments to the ongoing story in Shadowlands and everyone’s favorite, new mounts! This article is going to outline 2 new mounts and 1 secret mount coming in Eternity’s End that hasn't been highlighted by Blizzard along with a thorough guide on how to earn some of these unique mounts.

The Scarlet Helicid Guide 

Of all the new mount designs coming from Zerith Mortis, Blizzard finally released a new breed of mounts. Snails are finally here!

To craft this mount, the quest item Schematic Reassimilation: Scarlet Helicid must be looted. But before that is available to be looted, there are quite a few steps to get us to the promised land of +1 more mount to the collection.

  1. Off the rip, the first thing that needs to be done is completing up to part III of the Zerith Mortis campaign and have opened the Protoform Synthesis Forge and unlocked the Sopranian Understanding option at the Cypher’s Console in Exile’s Hollow.

  2. Once the prerequisites are done, our first stop is Antecedent Isle. On top of a big arc on the left side, a chest can be looted (Coordinates 47.7, 9.5) to get this series started. Turn the quest in at the forge (Coordinates 70.0, 28.6) and turn in the quest.

  3. Next, gather all the materials to form the mount. The Scarlet Helicids requires
  • 350x Genesis Motes
  • 1x Helicid Lattice
  • 1x Revelation Key

The Genesis Motes drop from all animal-like creatures in Zereth Mortis. This material is not tradeable and cannot be purchased off the Auction House. We recommend farming multiple of these Motes as they’re required for almost all mount creations. A good location to farm these can be found just south of Pilgrim’s Grace (Coordinates 61.6, 59.0). 

The Helicid Lattice drops from other Helicid creatures throughout Zerith Mortis. Elite and Rare Helicids (Snails) have a higher drop rate. These have roughly a 5% drop rate and we recommend farming them at Coordinates 56.6, 69.0 and 58.6, 84.4. 

The last item on our shopping list is a Revelation Key which drops from the rare named Protector of the First Ones (Coordinates 40.0, 26.2). In order to reach this rare, a barrier must be deactivated. A second player is required. Outside the chamber of the rare, there are two sigils outside the door. Take note of the symbol above each side and players are expected to bring matching sigils back to the door to deactivate the barrier. The Sigils can be found at the following coordinates:

  • 49, 26.78
  • 02, 25.19
  • 37, 24.31
  • 54, 23.94

As seen by the coordinates above, these sigils aren’t located very far away.

Upon gathering all three crafting requirements, craft your new Scarlet Helicid mount and enjoy this new armored snail!

The Patient Bunofid Guide 

Right off the rip of 9.2’s release, you can start the questline to earn the new Patient Bunofid. This mount is a reward for completing a new quest chain that consists of seven total quests. The only prerequisite for this questline is to have Zereth Mortis unlocked and to complete the first chapter of the new campaign (which is available day one of the patch). These quests do not have to be done seven days in a row, but only one quest is available per daily reset. To get started, make haste to Avna, an NPC belonging to The Enlightened faction in the new island of Zereth Mortis. (Waypoint 34.2, 65.8 or click the link above). The questline’s intention is to find different foods for the Patient Bunofide to eat and to lure it out from the water below.

  1. The Burrowed Bufonid - Will task the player with collecting 15x Vespoid Honey that drop from any Vespoid creature within Zereth Mortis. Vespoid creatures are found exclusively on Zereth Mortis (Coordinates 52.6, 43.4). Once retrieving all 15, return to Avna and wait for the next daily reset for the second quest in the series.

  2. The second quest in the series, appropriately also named The Burrowed Bufonid asks to collect 30x Tenebrous Ribs since the sweet Vespoid Honey didn’t lure it out, maybe some “fresh” meat can help lure this creature out. Tenebrous ribs drop from any Beast creature in the Shadowlands or, for an even faster way, players can purchase them on the auction house for some gold and bring them back to Avna.

  3. The third quest of our seven quest series is also named… you guessed it, The Burrowed Bufonid. This time, Avna has the idea of crafting of a net and will get the Bunofid out of the water, by force. To complete this quest, Avna requests 200x Shrouded Cloth. Shrouded cloth drops from any Humanoid enemy in the Shadowlands, or, for an even faster way, players can purchase them on the auction house for some gold and return them back to Avna.

  4. Next on the list is The Burrowed Bufonid. Avna attempts to throw the net and to no avail, the Bunofid remains burrowed in the water below. So nothing sweet, meats don’t work, and forcefully pulling with a net isn’t the right approach, Avna suggests maybe some fish can lure the Bufonid out. Avna asks that they receive 10x Elysian Thade which can be fished throughout many water areas throughout Zereth Mortis and Ardenweald (click the link above for fishing locations). Alternatively, as the previous two quests, the 10x Elysian Thade can be purchased on the auction house for gold. Buyers beware, this fish is also used as a material for feasts and is considerably rarer than the normal “White quality” common fish and may cost more than what the previous quests required.

  5. Day five, another day to complete The Burrowed Bufonid except now Avna is starting to get desperate. Next on the shopping list is fish native only to Zareth Mortis, the Protoflesh. This is a new fish introduced in 9.2 and may cost more than the Elysian Thade from day four. Bring 5 of these fish to Avna for another completed day.

  6. Surprise surprise, no amount of flesh or sweets can get this Bufonid to cooperate… but perhaps some whole Apple pies may be the sweet trick needed to get this stubborn frog looking thing to emerge. Avna suggests getting 5x Catalyzed Apple Pie from jiro vendor Mai Toa (Coordinates 58.55, 49.90). Bring 5x pies back to Avna and return for day seven to see if there’s any progress.

  7. Strike six, and we’re out again. On this final day, Avna thinks outside of Zerith Mortis delicacies and instructs the player to go to Tazavesh, the Veiled Market (dungeon) to get an Organic Melon from the Fruit Vendor (Yes, that’s their name) located just inside the dungeon after zoning in. Upon entry of the dungeon, on the left, before any trash packs, is the Fruit vendor. Bring this organic melon back to Avna in Zerith Mortis for the final quest.

            Unironically, the melon wasn’t some super secret food idea for the Bufonid. Upon returning with the Organic Melon, Avna informs you via the quest The Patient Bufonid that the creature is friendly and has taken quite a liking to the player for feeding them such a variety of treats for seven days. This quest rewards the new and sought-after Patient Bufonid mount!

The Deepstar Aurelid Guide (Secret Mount)

That’s right. A newly skinned jellyfish mount inspired by the First Ones. This mount is considered a secret mount due to Blizzard’s lack of description and resources for obtaining it, as its steps aren’t posted everywhere yet. The mount is a 100% drop rate from a rare spawn for the player that spawns it. To get the creature to spawn however, requires patience, some puzzle solving, and some time on their hands. Let’s get into it.


  1. Head over to Hirukon’s pool (Coordinates 52, 74) and start fishing. The target item here is Strange Goop. In its description, it mentions that the Aurelids of Zereth Mortis are attracted to the substance, but it can’t be placed on any normal lure and advises the player to seek out someone familiar with deep sea creatures what to do with it. Be aware, the drop rate on Strange Goop is pretty terrible and the average player takes 1500 to 2000 fishing casts to get it. That’s about seven to eight hours of just fishing.

  2. Once earning the Strange Goop, head to Maldraxxus and go all the way south (Coordinates 57, 92) where Baroness Vashj can be found fishing. With the Strange Goop, she’ll have a special dialog option talking about a specialized lure that she can create with three specialized fishing items.

    1. First item on the list, is a Pungent Blobfish. These little guys can be fished up in the Coilfang Reservoir in Zangarmarsh (go through the piping near the dungeons, Coordinates 52.2, 37.9) and fish from the Pungent Blobfish pool.
    2. Next is the Flipper Fish which can be caught in Nazjatar (Coordinates 72.8, 24.3). Upon fishing from the Flipper Fish pool, the Flipper Fish will give a dialog “The fish slipped away! Grab it!” and the player must interact with the Flipper Fish NPC that is flopping around on the ground before it gets back into the water.
    3. Last on the list is the Coilclutch Vine which is found in the Cataclysm zone, the Shimmering Expanse (Coordinates 34.7, 75). Interact with the vines found on the lower ruins of a balcony.
  1. With these items collected, return to Baroness Vashj in Maldraxxus and she’ll craft the Aurelid Lure.

  2. Next, return back to Zereth Mortis to Hirukon’s pool and interact with the lure within your bags. This will apply a 15 minute buff. Fish in the pool nearby and Hirukon will activate. Slay Hirukon and loot your new, shiny, Deepstar Aurelid secret mount!

With that concludes the guide on how to earn these new mounts in WoW Shadowlands Patch 9.2 We hope you have better luck than we did on the PTR trying to get the Strange Goop. Stay tuned for more 9.2 content and mount guides!

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