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WoW Dragonflight Expansion Revealed - New Evoker Class and Dracthyr Race

by AccountShark LLC on April 28, 2022

Dragonflight Expansion Revealed

 New Race: Dracthyr & the Evoker Class

On April 19th, 2022 Blizzard released the announcement of World of Warcraft’s ninth expansion, World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. For the first time ever, Blizzard’s newest race, the Dracthyr, also brings Warcraft’s newest class, the Evoker, in WoW's first race and class combo.

The Dracthyr, although new to the player base, are an ancient race of dragonkin. They’re empowered by the five primary dragonflights and can shapeshift between a humanoid and dragonkin form. Neltharion (Deathwing, and leader of the Black Dragonflight) created the Dracthyr to be used as the ideal army soldier.

Although there isn’t any official word on how the Dracthyr will integrate with the playerbase, upon completing their exclusive starting zone, players will have the option to join the Alliance or the Horde. Several customization options for Dracthyr characters will be available during character creation for both the humanoid visage and the dragonkin form.

Dracthyr Evokers, the exclusive class only available to Dracthyr, will have two specializations. Players can DPS from mid range with claws and dragon-akin attacks as the Devastation Evoker or they can tap into life-giving magic to heal their allies as Preservation Evokers. Blizzard has developed a new “empowered” technology for Evokers and their abilities. Some spells can have their buttons held down to channel and then released to unleash a significantly stronger spell cast. This “empowered” mechanic for Evokers can best be summarized as “the longer you hold, the stronger the ability” like some skill shots from “League of Legends”. Evokers will start at level 58 (with a maximum level of 70 in Dragonflight) and are considered a Hero class. Evokers will be the third class to wear the Mail armor type (joining Hunter and Shaman) and there hasn’t been word on what weapons they’ll be eligible to use.

There is still a lot of information to be shown about the Dracthyr and the Evoker class and as more announcements are made from Blizzard we’ll have summarized and updated information.


New Dragonflight Expansion Zones

Like with all new World of Warcraft expansions, new questlines, leveling zones, and stories are all part of what makes an expansion so successful. Blizzard’s rich storytelling in combination with a zone’s soundtrack and talented design team make the new five new zones in Dragonflight something awe inspiring that every adventurer wants to get a taste of. Back in 2008, Wrath of the Lich King had the Grizzly Hills zone which, even fourteen later after release is revered to the Warcraft community as one of the most enjoyable quest zones aesthetically because of the design and because of its legendary soundtrack. Multiple times throughout the Dragonflight expansion announcement, the teams at Blizzard references that they want to inspire players once more and are revisiting the themes and trying to recreate the feeling that Grizzly Hills gave all of us.

The first zone is The Waking Shores. The Waking Shores  is a land filled with wildlife and the elements are out of control. The Waking Shores will have proto dragons that will relentlessly devour members of the Alliance and the Horde. This is the landing zone for Dragonflight and will be accessible via shipyard from Orgimmar and Stormwind. This is a combined research effort from both factions. The Alliance’s Explorer’s League and the Horde’s Reliquary join forces to learn about this strange lange. The Waking Shores is home to the Black Dragonflight and this is where the Jorudin race will be introduced. The Jorudin will be the antagonist faction of Dragonflight and are half giant - half elementals that are coming to the Dragon Isles to claim its ancient power. The Jorudin mount magma mammoths and have the power to control lava. The aspect of life, the Red Dragonflight believe all life is precious and don’t want to necessarily wipe out the Jorudin, but they also can’t allow them to fulfill their mission of conquering The Waking Shores.

Second on the list is The Azure Span. The Azure span is heavily influenced by the Grizzly Hills in terms of theme and music. The primary races that are in conflict here are the Knolls and the Tuskarr. The storyline will take adventurers with Kalecgos to explore Sindragosa’s lost archives. Blizzard confirmed that this is one of the largest zones ever made for WoW.

Third on the list, the Ohn’ahran Plains. Here, heroes will meet the god of wind, Ohn’ahra. The zone is controlled by two factions. The Green Dragonflight and the Centaur. When the Dragon aspects vanished, the Centaur have since developed and grew as a society so just imagine the conflict  that can arise here. Blizzard noted that the view distance in this zone is vastly greater than other zones so players can see far into the horizon.

Second to last, is Thaldraszus. Thaldraszus is the powerhouse for all five major dragonflights. There is a lot of high altitude caves and mountains to explore. In this zone players will find the Dragonflight’s central hub where an auction house can be found and it’s noted that Thaldraszus is the one zone in Dragonflight that is the most “put together” area of the map. The main hub is called Valdraken and is representative of the dragons’ attempts of creating a peaceful city. The Blue dragonflight will feature their own library whereas the Red and Green dragonflights have their own gardens. This is the zone that will have most players take refuge during their time in Dragonflight. Blizzard showed screenshots where there are multiple statues dedicated to Tyr, the pantheon of the Titans.

The fifth and final zone to be released with Dragonflight, is The Forbidden Reach. Not a ton of information has been disclosed about The Forbidden Reach. Blizzard noted that this was the training ground for Neltharion to train his perfect soldiers, the Dracthyr and that some loyalists of the Black Dragonflight remain.

That summarizes what we know so far about the five new zones coming out with Dragonflight. As more information unfolds and is impactful to players’ experiences within Dragonflight, we’ll have more content for you to enjoy.You will be able to buy Dragonflight accounts on AccountShark after launch. If the Dragonflight features don’t exite you, we’re here to help as well if you prefer to sell your WoW account instead.


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