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by AccountShark LLC on November 10, 2022

WoW Dragonflight: Dungeon Overview


- We are just a few weeks away from the release of the new World of Warcraft expansion, Dragonflight. There is not much time left for Blizzard to do some massive changes to the core elements of the expansion, so we can confidently do a preview of new dungeons based on the current information from the Beta. There is a total of eight new dungeons, but four of those are only available at the max level (70).

The new dungeons are:

  • Level-up dungeons: Ruby Life Pools, Brackenhide Hollow, The Nokhud Offensive, Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr
  • Max-level dungeons: Neltharus, The Azure Vault, Halls of Infusion, Algeth'ar Academy


- Now that we got some of the base information in, let's dive into the detailed preview of each of those dungeons!


  1. Ruby Life Pools (linear)

- Linear, short dungeon with not much trash. 

- Three bosses in total: Melidrussa Chillworn, Kokia Blazehoof, Kyrakka, and Erkhart Stormvein.

As you enter a dungeon, you will be at the bottom level of this once-sacred place to Red Dragonflight. Going through this floor you will be facing earth giants and elementals, you will want to prioritize interrupting the Earthquake spell that those mobs cast. After killing the first boss, you will be taking a drake to get to the top of the temple (similar to Necrotic Wake and Necropolis). To fight the second boss, Kokia, you will need to clear all trash mobs in this area, and right after killing him, you will be going straight to the last boss.


  1. Brackenhide Hollow (non-linear first area, linear later)

- The theme of this dungeon is Tuskarrs and Gnolls. It is a very open dungeon and available to a few different completition routes in the first area.

- Four bosses in total: Hacklaw's War Band, Treemouth, Gutshot, and Decatriarch Wratheye.

To fight the first boss, you will need to find and rescue nine tuskarrs around the dungeon. Keep in mind that trash packs are placed close to each other and it is very easy to accidentally pull more than you wanted, so tread lightly. You will also be finding pots that Alchemists can activate to gain a buff, so keep an eye on this!


  1. The Nokhud Offensive (non-linear)

- A Centaur-themed dungeon. Similar to Mechagon: Junkyard, it is a very open dungeon and there are quite a few routes you can take.

- Four bosses in total: Granyth, The Raging Tempest, Teera and Maruuk, and Balakar Khan.

This dungeon plays like no other, you will have to use your newly learned mechanic, dragon-riding to travel around the area.

All boss fights in this dungeon felt dynamic and fun, add to that the dragon-riding touch, I think this will be the favorite dungeon for many players.


  1. Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr (linear)

- The main part of this dungeon is exactly the same as the original Uldaman, but with new models and effects.

- Five bosses in total: The Lost Dwarves, Bromach, Sentinel Talondras, Emberon, and Chrono-Lord Deios.

The new area of Uldaman starts at the part where you originally face Ironaya. The original path to the right is now blocked, and instead, we take another path that was broken through by the Lost Vikings. At the end of the dungeon, we face off with the Infinite Dragonflight. Although this dungeon has five bosses, there is not much trash, so it feels very fast! One unique thing about this dungeon is respawn checkpoints, to get a respawn checkpoint you will have to destroy Crumbling Cave rocks, there is a total of three throughout the dungeon.


  1. Neltharus (semi-linear)

- Neltharus was once a fortress of Black Dragonflight, but now it is conquerred by Djaradin who are known as the ruthless dragon killers.

- Five bosses in total: Chargath-Bane of Scales, The Scorching Forge, Magmatusk, and Warlord Sargha.

After you kill the first two mobs, you will have a choice to first go either left or right. You never update your respawn point in this dungeon but overall running back is not that bad, although The Scorching Forge boss takes a bit longer to reach. After killing the first three bosses, we open up a secret passage that leads to the leader of Djaradin in this area!


  1. The Azure Vault (linear)

- If you liked The Nexus in Wrath of the Lich King, this dungeon is for you in terms of art design.

- Four bosses in total: Leymor, Azureblade, Telash Greywing, and Umbrelskul.

At first, you will fight your way through the garden where you will be facing crystal giants, little seeds, and trees. At the end of it, you will come to a room where Leymor awaits, to fight him, you will have to kill a few mobs that surround him. After that, you will arrive at Nexus-like platforms with traps on the floor, elementals to kill, and such. Clearing this opens up a path that leads underground, reminding me a lot of the Arcway design. At the bottom of all platforms is a crystalized cave where the last boss Umbrelskul is. We hope to see a Umbrelskul-like mount being added to the game later on!


  1. Halls of Infusion (linear)

- Ulduar-themed dungeon. There is not that much trash in here, while there is a total of four bosses: Watcher Irideus, Gulping Goliath, Khajin the Unyielding, and Primal Tsunami!

You will start a dungeon by clearing a few packs of trash that will lead you down the stairs where you encounter the first boss. After killing him, you will fight through a gauntlet-like event to reach the second boss. For me, part of the dungeon after the second boss feels much better than the first. The reason for this is simply because in the first part you take way too much time just walking and some of the rooms feel empty. Before reaching the last boss, you will be placed in a corridor with bubbles coming your way, you will have to dodge those while fighting mobs to reach the last boss!


  1. Algeth'ar Academy (non-linear)

- A non-linear dungeon, but there is not much more than a hundred percent mob count on Mythic plus difficulty. 

- Four bosses in total: Vexamus, Overgrown Ancient, Crawth, and Echo of Doragosa. 

Venturing from the Arcane walkway to the Skyward Islands and the overgrown Grove, this dungeon is an absolute art masterpiece. At the start of the dungeon, you will be located in a courtyard with five dragon aspects standing around. You can talk with them and choose whose blessing you want to receive (5% crit/haste/mastery/vers/healing).


Overall, Dragonflight dungeons feel good. It seems to us that Blizzard is taking a bit of a different approach with dungeon design, there are few dungeons with back-to-back bosses and there is not that much trash in most dungeons. 

It is important to keep in mind that the first Dragonflight season of Mythic+ will feature four Dragonflight dungeons and four old ones. Dungeons that will be in this rotation are Ruby Life Pools, The Nokhud Offensive, The Azure Vault, Algeth'ar Academy; Halls of Valor (Legion), Court of Stars (Legion), Shadowmoon Burial Grounds (WoD), Temple of the Jade Serpent (MoP).



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