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Dragonriding In WoW: Guide & Overview

on January 06, 2023

What Is Dragonriding?

Dragonriding is a new feature in World of Warcraft and was introduced with the newest expansion, Dragonflight. As the name suggests, it allows players to ride and control dragons, powerful creatures with a range of impressive movement abilities and customization options. Dragonriding is available to players who have completed a series of introductory quests in Dragonflight, and it offers a unique and exciting way to explore the Dragon Isles’ vast world.One of the most enjoyable aspects of dragonriding in World of Warcraft is the sense of freedom and power it brings. The ability to fly allows players to reach areas of the game world that would otherwise be inaccessible by normal flying mounts. Dragonriding in World of Warcraft offers a unique and exciting way for players to explore the game's vast world and has very positive feedback. The ability to use glyphs and customize their dragon's abilities through talents adds depth and customization to the experience, allowing players to truly make their dragon their own. Whether soaring through the skies or battling fierce foes, dragonriding is a memorable and rewarding aspect of the game.

One aspect of dragonriding that sets it apart from other modes of transportation in World of Warcraft is the talent tree associated with it. The talent tree is a system that has its skill points unlocked by glyphs. Glyphs are special inscriptions that can be applied to your dragon, granting it additional abilities and bonuses. All the talents can be used to enhance your dragonriding experience. See the table below for a list of locations for all the glyphs that can easily be imported into the game. Another cool feature of Dragonriding is the seemingly endless customization options available. There are many different customizations available for each dragon  each with its own unique effect. Some customizations include increased armor, scales, tail types, and entire reskins.

While dragonriding is a powerful and enjoyable aspect of World of Warcraft, it does come with some limitations. One limitation is the Vigor energy. Vigor gives your dragon the ability to use its movement enhancements, ascend to great heights, and more. With a fully maxed talent tree, players can have up to six Vigor and enhancements to faster regeneration. For natural regeneration, staying mounted on your dragon on the ground or soaring fast through the air will replenish Vigor. Another limitation of dragonriding is the inability to use it in certain areas of the game world. Some areas, such as indoor environments or areas with low ceilings, are not suitable for dragonflight. In these areas, players must dismount and continue on foot or use another form of transportation. It’s also worth noting that Dragonriding mounts cannot be used in any other zone except for the Dragon Isles.

Despite these limitations, dragonriding remains a popular and iconic feature of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight and remains to be one of the expansion’s best features. The ability to soar through the skies on the back of a powerful dragon is an experience that many players find thrilling and rewarding. Whether using glyphs and mount equipment to customize their dragon's abilities, or simply enjoying the sense of freedom and power it brings, dragonriding is an integral part of the new World of Warcraft experience.

In addition to events, dragonriding is also a popular activity for players to engage in outside of questing and raiding. Many players enjoy simply exploring the game world on their dragon, taking in the breathtaking views and soaking up the atmosphere. The ability to fly also makes it easier for players to travel between different locations, saving time and effort.

Dragonriding Gladiator Customization
Image Source: World of Warcraft (Player Provided Screenshot)

Of course, with any new system introduced comes a ton of new achievements. In addition to unlocking a maxed skill tree, there are achievements for completing Dragon Races. Dragon Races are located all throughout the Dragon Isles and are timed events. The faster the player completes their race, the higher the score. Depending on timing, the scores range from Bronze, Silver to Gold. Gold will require the player to make little to no mistakes in their route. Dragon races typically last between 30 to 90 seconds and involve the player flying through rings. Completing the Dragonriding introductory quests will introduce this concept. Some races have items that can be picked up in the middle of the race like Vigor replenishments and speed boosts. Upon completing all the races with Gold will grant the player achievement points, a customization for their Dragon and give access to the Advanced courses. The Advanced courses are the same routes as the normal difficult races but have more obstacles (such as fire breathing volcanos, waterfalls, falling rocks, etc.) that need to be dodged. Completing all the advanced courses with a gold score will award the player the “Isles Racer” title and more achievement points.       

Overall, dragonriding is a central and beloved new aspect of World of Warcraft. From the customization options offered by glyphs and mount equipment, to the thrilling events and activities that revolve around it, dragonriding adds depth and excitement to the game. Whether soaring through the skies or battling fierce foes, the experience of riding a dragon is one that players will not soon forget.

Dragonriding Glyph Locations:

The Waking Shores Glyphs Locations:

/way 74.34 57.54

/way 75.0 57.0

/way 69.27 46.23

/way 73.08 20.51

/way 74.87 37.33

/way 52.60 17.21

/way 21.76 51.40

/way 46.40 52.14

/way 40.95 71.93

/way 57.70 54.91

/way 54.46 74.21

/way 58.09 78.58


Ohn’ahran Plains Glyphs Locations:

/way Waking Shores 48.82 86.64

/way 78.42 21.17

/way 86.54 39.32

/way 57.79 30.81

/way 30.39 36.07

/way 30.15 61.56

/way 29.54 75.43

/way 44.73 64.57

/way 47.32 72.16

/way 57.13 80.10

/way 61.37 64.23

/way 84.07 77.27


The Azure Span Glyphs Locations:

/way Ohn'ahran Plains 70.11 86.60

/way 56.81 16.03

/way 67.64 29.11

/way 72.59 39.86

/way 70.58 46.26

/way 68.65 60.35

/way 60.62 69.99

/way 52.97 49.04

/way 39.20 63.01

/way 10.39 35.82

/way 26.73 31.68

/way 45.77 25.69


Thaldraszus Glyphs Locations:

/way 35.56 85.56

/way 46.09 73.88

/way Thaldraszus 41.26 58.27

/way 52.65 67.43

/way 55.76 72.33

/way 61.57 56.61

/way 49.85 40.23

/way 62.41 40.46

/way 67.09 11.76

/way 72.40 51.71

/way 72.96 69.14

/way 66.01 82.34


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