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Dragonflight Launch Guide

by AccountShark LLC on November 29, 2022

The Dragon Isles: Getting Started

In today’s article, we’ll be reviewing what’s going on in the first few weeks of Dragonflight. We’ll cover any content that has time, has a potential barrier and how you can best set yourself up for success and spend your time effectively in the first few weeks of the new expansion, Dragonflight.


One great thing about Dragonflight that both the casual and high performing player bases are excited for is that the content that have time barriers are not as impactful as they have been in previous expansions. If you recall Battle for Azeroth (BFA) and Legion, there were risks to player power for not hitting max level quickly and maximizing Artifact/Azeroth Power. This isn’t to say Dragonflight doesn’t have time kept content, it just has less of an impact in and importance and this will help you better prepare yourself especially when you’re weighing options and making decisions like determining when you want to start leveling multiple characters and trying to plan how much time you want to invest into each one to your desired goals.


Almost any and all player power is pretty lightweight and linear when it comes to Dragonflight. At the moment, there is no endless grind like we saw in Legion and BFA. A player’s incentive is for personal cosmetic and financial gold gains.


The first thing we’ll be covering is just clarification surrounding a blue post that came out earlier this week that talked about things not being available during the weekly reset. Things such as:


  • Mythic Dungeons
  • Dragonbane Strongbox
  • Grand Hunt Spoils
  • Completion of the weekly quest “Community Feast”
  • The “Aiding of the Accord” weekly quest
  • The “Shower Yer Mettle” weekly quest
  • Weekly Valdrakken profession quests
  • Weekly PVP quests that award honor



Dragonflight comes out on Monday at 3 PM PST. That leaves players roughly 15 hours of gameplay to hit level 70 and complete the 8 above weekly locked objectives before Tuesday’s reset schedule. With this announcement, Blizzard is saying that these objectives aren’t eligible to be completed before November 29th (Tuesday)’s reset so players don’t feel obligated to rush through the content to complete them because the week began with players in Shadowlands, but ending in Dragonflight. However, at the end of the first week, you’ll want to have these objectives done (especially the Mythic dungeons) before Tuesday, December 6th. If you only care about your character’s power, just clearing the Mythic dungeons on a 0 difficulty (since M+ isn’t available until the 13th) you will be in a fine position and you won’t be put behind people who are investing more game time into other activities than you.


An advantage to leveling alts this expansion is that only your first character needs to complete the Dragonflight campaign and unlock the Dragon riding glyphs (to be covered in another article). Alts can skip the story mode campaign and enjoy max dragon riding from the gate and give a faster and diverse leveling experience.


The Dragonflight reputations are mostly optional and there are minor incentives available for pursuing them. For example, there is some 389 ilvl content upon reaching certain Renown (Max level of 25) levels with them. There are some profession recipes and cosmetic rewards available. There are Primal Infusions available for maximizing your renown. Primal Infusions are the new profession epic quality items required to craft max ilvl gear and have multiple sources of attaining them. Although Renown is the measurable way to determine your reputation with the Dragon Isle factions. Dragon Isle reputations don’t carry the same kind of determining factors like covenants did. You can gain renown with all 4 aspects simultaneously. One thing we do recommend before Tuesday’s reset (November 29th) is completing the world quests that spawn in the Dragon Isles when you hit level 70 as these do reset on a weekly and mid weekly basis (Tuesdays and Fridays). Although this isn’t a tremendous boost to player power, if you’re someone who aspires to have recipes learned faster than other people on your server so you can start to take advantage of the new work order profession system that Dragonflight brings, having these world quests done will help advance your renown faster.


A good advantage of this expansion’s approach for problem solving content that not all players want to participate in is that there isn’t really a huge loss of player power if you’re not someone who likes to level professions or invest time into crafting their own gear.  Bind on Pickup (BOP) items that typically would require someone with a profession to craft for themselves and gather all the materials themselves can actually be crafted by other people via the work order system that the new profession system brings into Dragonflight. So if you’re someone who plays a hunter but wants to have Alchemy and Herbalism as their primary profession choices but Leatherworking has a really good item for you to use until you get an item from a Mythic dungeon, or even better, if it’s really well itemized and you’d want to keep it for a long time, you can actually submit a work order for that piece of gear and someone on your server can craft it for you without having to lose your preferred professions. This was a huge pain point alleviated by this expansion’s design and we’re excited to see what new cool enhancements come in the future as a result of it.


So to recap, for players who just care about their personal character’s power, you’ll have 8 days from the expansion's launch to get any characters you want to prepare for end game content to get their Mythic 0 rotation cleared and a ton of optional content for cosmetic / achievements / etc. Looking at Week 3 of the expansion (Starting December 13th) is when M+ and the first raid, Vault of the Incarnate, opens where players will want to start investing their time into grinding M+ for better gear and getting prepared for new content.



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