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Cataclysm Classic Baradin Hold Raid Guide

by AccountShark LLC on May 12, 2024

Welcome to the AccountShark Blog! In this article we'll be talking about the Baradin Hold raid coming in Cataclysm Classic, the latest installment of the Classic series in World of Warcraft.  Baradin Hold, a 3 boss raid on the PvP contested zone of Top Barad, might not be the most memorable raid in WoW, but it is certainly one that will be done often in Cataclysm by PvP and PvE players alike due to its early accessibility and simplicity. This guide aims to outline the raid environment, detailed boss strategies, and loot - let's begin!

Baradin Hold Raid Overview:

Baradin Hold is a raid instance located on the island of Tol Barad, accessible to players from both the Alliance and Horde factions. Originally a prison, Baradin Hold now serves as a key strategic location in the ongoing conflict between the factions and their struggle for control over Tol Barad.


  • History: Baradin Hold was once a maximum-security prison built by the forces of Stromgarde to contain some of the most dangerous criminals in the region. However, with the fall of Stromgarde and the rise of the Horde and Alliance, the prison fell into disarray.
  • Current Significance: In the aftermath of the Cataclysm, Baradin Hold has become a focal point in the ongoing battle for Tol Barad. Both factions seek to control the prison, as it offers strategic advantages in the war effort.

Raid Structure:

  • Size: Baradin Hold is a relatively small raid instance compared to others in World of Warcraft, featuring only three boss encounters: Argaloth, Occu'thar, and Alizabal, Mistress of Hate.
  • Accessibility: The raid is accessible to players who have reached the appropriate level and have access to Tol Barad, regardless of their faction. This accessibility makes it a convenient option for players looking for additional challenges and rewards.


  • Loot: Each boss in Baradin Hold drops epic-quality loot appropriate for their difficulty level. This loot includes gear upgrades for players as well as other valuable items.
  • Tol Barad Rewards: Winning control of Tol Barad as your faction may grant additional rewards, such as PvP gear, consumables, and currency used to purchase items from Tol Barad vendors.


  • Supplemental Content: Baradin Hold was designed as supplemental content to the Tol Barad zone, providing additional challenges and rewards for players engaged in the ongoing conflict over the island.
  • Variety: The raid offers a variety of encounters, from straightforward tank-and-spank fights to those requiring coordination and positioning, providing players with diverse gameplay experiences.

    Baradin Hold Boss Guides:

  1. Argaloth:

Location: Upon entering Baradin Hold, Argaloth's chamber is to the left.

Encounter Mechanics:

  • Fel Firestorm: Argaloth periodically casts Fel Firestorm, which deals heavy Fire damage to all players within the room. The damage is split evenly among all players hit. The raid needs to spread out to minimize the damage taken by each player.
  • Meteor Slash: Argaloth targets the tank with Meteor Slash, dealing heavy physical damage. This damage is split between the tank and several other players within 10 yards. Tanks need to use active mitigation and healers need to be prepared to top off the affected players.
  • Consuming Darkness: Throughout the encounter, Argaloth will summon void zones on the ground that explode after a short duration, dealing heavy Shadow damage to players within the affected area. Players need to quickly move out of these void zones to avoid taking damage.


  1. Tank Swap: Tanks should swap after each Meteor Slash to manage their debuffs effectively. The tank with the Meteor Slash debuff should move away from the raid to reduce the damage taken by other players.
  2. Spread Out: The raid should spread out to minimize the damage taken from Fel Firestorm. Players should position themselves at least 8-10 yards apart to reduce the damage sharing.
  3. Avoid Void Zones: Players should keep an eye on the ground and quickly move out of void zones when they appear. Failure to do so can result in unnecessary damage to the raid.
  4. Cooldown Management: Coordinate the use of raid-wide defensive cooldowns during periods of high damage, such as Fel Firestorm or when multiple players are affected by Meteor Slash.

  1. Occu'thar:

Location: Occu'thar's chamber is located straight ahead upon entering Baradin Hold.

Encounter Mechanics:

  • Shadow Strike: Occu'thar targets random players with Shadow Strike, dealing heavy Shadow damage to the target and nearby players. Affected players should move away from the raid to minimize the splash damage.
  • Searing Shadows: Occu'thar periodically targets random players with Searing Shadows, leaving a debuff that deals damage over time. Healers need to dispel this debuff quickly to prevent excessive damage to the affected player.
  • Summon Felhound: Throughout the encounter, Occu'thar will periodically summon Felhounds that fixate on random players. These Felhounds deal heavy melee damage and must be tanked and killed quickly to prevent them from overwhelming the raid.

    A felhound from World of Warcraft


  1. Felhound Management: Assign tanks to pick up and tank the Felhounds as they spawn. DPS players should focus on killing the Felhounds quickly to reduce raid damage.
  2. Positioning: Keep the raid spread out to minimize the damage taken from Shadow Strike. Players targeted by Shadow Strike should move away from others to reduce the splash damage.
  3. Dispels: Healers need to be vigilant in dispelling players affected by Searing Shadows. Assign specific healers to watch for and dispel this debuff promptly to prevent unnecessary damage.
  4. Cooldown Rotation: Coordinate the use of raid-wide defensive cooldowns to mitigate damage during high-pressure moments, such as when multiple players are targeted by Shadow Strike or Searing Shadows.

  1. Alizabal, Mistress of Hate:

Location: Alizabal's chamber is located at the end of Baradin Hold, past the chambers of Argaloth and Occu'thar.

Encounter Mechanics:

  • Seething Hate: Alizabal periodically targets random players with Seething Hate, causing them to take increased Shadow damage for a short duration. Affected players should be prepared for increased healing or mitigation.
  • Blade Dance: Alizabal casts Blade Dance, slashing players in a cone in front of her, dealing heavy physical damage. Tanks should position her away from the raid, and DPS and healers should avoid standing in front of her during this ability.
  • Wind Burst: Alizabal periodically casts Wind Burst, knocking back all players within a cone in front of her. Players should position themselves to avoid being knocked back into dangerous areas.
  • Searing Blades: Alizabal summons Searing Blades, which create lines of fire on the ground. Players should avoid standing in these lines to avoid taking fire damage over time.


  1. Tank Positioning: Tanks should position Alizabal facing away from the raid to avoid hitting players with Blade Dance. Tanks should also be prepared for increased damage during Seething Hate phases and use cooldowns accordingly.
  2. Avoidance: DPS and healers should be mindful of Blade Dance's cone and avoid standing in front of Alizabal during the cast. Players should also be aware of Wind Burst's knockback and position themselves accordingly to avoid being pushed into dangerous areas.
  3. Handling Seething Hate: Players affected by Seething Hate should communicate with healers to ensure they receive adequate healing during the increased damage phase.
  4. Searing Blades: Players should quickly move out of Searing Blades to avoid taking unnecessary fire damage. Positioning and movement are crucial to minimize damage taken during this phase.
  5. Cooldown Management: Coordinate the use of defensive cooldowns to mitigate damage during high-pressure moments, such as Blade Dance or when multiple players are affected by Seething Hate.


Alizabal, Mistress of Hate, provides an additional challenge in Baradin Hold with her unique mechanics. By understanding and executing the encounter mechanics efficiently, players can defeat her and claim valuable loot and rewards. Coordination, communication, and adaptability remain key to success in this raid instance.


Both Argaloth. Alizabel, and Occu'thar drop epic-quality loot appropriate for their respective difficulties. Additionally, winning Tol Barad as your faction may grant access to additional rewards, such as PvP gear and consumables.


Baradin Hold offers a relatively straightforward raiding experience with two boss encounters. By understanding and executing the mechanics of each encounter efficiently, players can farm this raid for valuable loot and rewards, while also contributing to their faction's control of Tol Barad. Coordination, communication, and adaptability are key to success in Baradin Hold.



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