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Rogue | 5x Gladiator | 2x Rank 1 | "Wild Gladiator" | "Warmongering Gladiator" | "Vanquisher" | All 3 Cataclysm Elite PvP Sets | Glorious Tyranny | Warglaives of Azzinoth

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Armory (Click to View):
Notable Items & Transmog:
2/8 Tier 3 "Bonescythe" Set (Helm, Gloves)
S9 Vicious Gladiator's Elite PvP Rogue Set (UNOBTAINABLE)
S10 Ruthless Gladiator's Elite PvP Rogue Set (UNOBTAINABLE)
S11 Cataclysmic Gladiator's Elite PvP Rogue Set (UNOBTAINABLE)
Elite Vicious Gladiator's Shanker (UNOBTAINABLE)
Elite Ruthless Gladiator's Shanker (UNOBTAINABLE)
Elite Cataclysmic Gladiator's Shanker (UNOBTAINABLE)
Elite Warmongering Gladiator's Shanker (UNOBTAINABLE)
Glorious Tyranny Weapon Enchantment (UNOBTAINABLE)
Primal Victory Weapon Enchantment (UNOBTAINABLE)
Warglaives of Azzinoth
Notable Titles:
"Wild Gladiator" (UNOBTAINABLE)
"Warmongering Gladiator" (UNOBTAINABLE)
"Vanquisher" (UNOBTAINABLE)
"Hero of the Alliance"
"of the Iron Vanguard" (UNOBTAINABLE)
Notable Mounts:
Cataclysmic Gladiator's Twilight Drake (UNOBTAINABLE)
Prideful Gladiator's Cloud Serpent (UNOBTAINABLE)
Primal Gladiator's Felblood Gronnling (UNOBTAINABLE)
Wild Gladiator's Felblood Gronnling (UNOBTAINABLE)
Warmongering Gladiator's Felblood Gronnling (UNOBTAINABLE)
Notable Achievements:
Wild Gladiator: Warlords Season 2
Warmongering Gladiator: Warlords Season 3
Hero of the Alliance: Ruthless