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412 Warrior | 6x Gladiator | 1x Rank 1 | "Fierce Gladiator" | 8/9 Mythic | All 3 Legion Elite PvP Sets | "High Warlord" | Mage Tower

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Armory (Click to View):
8/8 Mythic Uldir
8/9 Mythic Battle of Dazar'alor
Champions of Azeroth - Exalted
Talanji's Expedition - Exalted
The Honorbound - Exalted
Tortollan Seekers - Exalted
Voldunai - Exalted
Zandalari Empire - Exalted
Notable Items & Transmog:
Heart of Azeroth: 40
415 Dawnbreaker
415 Crash of Tides
400 Gore-Crusted Butcher's Block
395 Syringe of Bloodborne Infirmity
415 Crown of Bloody Succession
415 Dyno-Sprocket Spaulders
415 Breastplate of the Deathbound
415 Crusade Pummelers
415 Tempered Stormsteel Girdle of the Feverflare
415 Coinage Stampers
WoD Challenge Mode Weapons (UNOBTAINABLE)
Legion S1 / S2 Elite PvP Warrior Set (UNOBTAINABLE)
Legion S3 / S4 Elite PvP Warrior Set (UNOBTAINABLE)
Legion S5 / S6 / S7 Elite PvP Warrior Set (UNOBTAINABLE)
BfA S1 Elite PvP Plate Set (UNOBTAINABLE)
BfA S2 Elite PvP Plate Set
Arms Warrior Mage Tower Artifact Appearance (UNOBTAINABLE)
Fury Warrior Mage Tower Artifact Appearance (UNOBTAINABLE)
Dread Gladiator's Tabard (UNOBTAINABLE)
Demonic Gladiator's Tabard (UNOBTAINABLE)
Dominating Gladiator's Tabard (UNOBTAINABLE)
Fierce Gladiator's Tabard (UNOBTAINABLE)
Cruel Gladiator's Tabard (UNOBTAINABLE)
Notable Titles:
"Fierce Gladiator" (UNOBTAINABLE)
"High Warlord"
"Hero of the Horde"
"the Purifier"
"the Elite Warrior"
Notable Mounts:
Fearless Gladiator’s Storm Dragon (UNOBTAINABLE)
Cruel Gladiator’s Storm Dragon (UNOBTAINABLE)
Fierce Gladiator’s Storm Dragon (UNOBTAINABLE)
Ferocious Gladiator’s Storm Dragon (UNOBTAINABLE)
Dominant Gladiator’s Storm Dragon (UNOBTAINABLE)
Dread Gladiator's Proto-Drake (UNOBTAINABLE)
Notable Achievements:
Ahead of the Curve: Lady Jaina Proudmoore
Cutting Edge: G'huun (UNOBTAINABLE)
Ahead of the Curve: Argus the Unmaker (UNOBTAINABLE)
Ahead of the Curve: Kil'jaeden (UNOBTAINABLE)
Cutting Edge: Gul'dan (UNOBTAINABLE)
Cutting Edge: Helya (UNOBTAINABLE)
Cutting Edge: Xavius (UNOBTAINABLE)
Ahead of the Curve: Helya (UNOBTAINABLE)
Vindictive Elite (UNOBTAINABLE)
Fearless Elite (UNOBTAINABLE)
Ferocious Elite (UNOBTAINABLE)
Dominant Elite (UNOBTAINABLE)
Demonic Elite (UNOBTAINABLE)