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 Buy WoW Classic accounts! On this page you can browse our inventory of Classic WoW accounts for sale and buy Classic WoW accounts. Please note, this page is for buying Classic WoW accounts only. If you are looking to buy a retail WoW account, please click here.

 You can sort WoW Classic accounts by class or price using the filters provided. Once you are ready to buy a Classic WoW account, add the product to your cart and proceed to the checkout page. Shop with confidence knowing each Classic WoW account found on this is covered under our warranty at no additional cost to you.

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Buy World of Warcraft Classic Account

US 60 Night Elf Druid | Atiesh PvE | Transfer Avail | All Attuned | 670g | Multi Epic

Vanilla CE Pets (USABLE IN CLASSIC) | Benediction | Protector Tabard | Hand of A'dal

ALL CE PETS | Mini Diablo, Panda Cub, Zergling (USABLE IN CLASSIC) | Spectral Tiger

Buying WoW Classic Accounts Safely

Buying a WoW Classic account is a great way to get all the benefits of end-game content, raids, and more without spending weeks to get there. However, it is important to remember safe buying practices to ensure that you are getting your WoW Classic account from a reliable soure. Many sites and individuals use bots or automated programs to quickly level up characters to 60 and then sell those accounts at a heavily discounted rate. Powerleveling boosts are another unreliable option since many places who offer this type of service are using automated program to do the leveling as well, and can potentially also put your own account at risk. These types of accounts and services are not worth your time or investment since they are liable to result in harsh penalties for disruptive gameplay.

AccountShark is proud to be the industry standard for account security. At AccountShark, we only offer accounts that have been leveled by hand and come directly from the players themselves. We are able to offer the best WoW Classic accounts at the best prices without compromising the integrity of your purchase. We are confident in the quality of the products sold here, and that is why every account purchased on AccountShark includes a free complimentary warranty at no additional cost to you. We don’t charge extra for insurance like other sites because we don’t need to. We want you to enjoy the amazing world of WoW Classic to its fullest extent without worry. After all, account security is paramount, and you should feel confident in your purchase. If you are looking for a safe, smooth, affordable, and reliable transaction, we would be privileged to earn your business today.